• Auctions

    6 Auction Experiences Kids Will Love To Win

    Enhance your auction (and up your bids) with these just-for-kids activities and experiences.

  • Planning & Organizing

    February PTO To Do List

    Use this list to help plan your February parent group activities.

  • Events

    Active Games To Liven Up Your PTO Events

    A few minutes is all it takes to raise the energy in the room—and promote fitness, too.

  • Volunteer Manager

    Software for Managing Volunteers: Try It for Free!

    Created specifically for PTOs and PTAs, our updated Volunteer Manager program does everything you need to easily manage your group's volunteers.
  • Carnivals & Fairs

    Carnivals & Fairs Clip Art

    Make your carnival flyers and newsletters more colorful with free clip art.
  • Social Media for Parent Groups

    Facebook Guidelines Template for PTOs and PTAs

    Use and modify our template to help boost your social media presence—and reduce stress.

  • Family Tech Talk Night

    Doughnuts and…Devices?

    Internet safety nights are important, but school nights can get busy. Try a new time to reach stay-at-home parents, like just after morning drop-off (just don’t forget the coffee!). Get our free Family Tech Talk Night kit to start planning.
  • Valentine's Day

    7 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

    Get students involved in the spirit of the holiday with these school projects and family activities organized by your PTO or PTA.

  • Expert Guides

    PTO Today Midyear Guide

    By midyear, many parent groups stall out a bit. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our free guide to reenergizing your parent group at the midyear point includes everything you need to keep your group motivated to carry on with its good work.
  • Parent Express Email

    Communicate Better With Parents

    Parent Express Email is a free tool that will allow you to create and send customized emails to families at your school in just a few steps. Try it out today.

  • Health and Fitness

    4 PTO Events That Promote Health and Fitness

    These fun family programs encourage healthy choices.