• Health and Fitness

    4 PTO Events That Promote Health and Fitness

    These fun family programs encourage healthy choices.

  • Meetings

    Icebreakers for PTO Meetings

    Keep the conversation flowing at your meetings with this printable sheet of eight icebreaker questions (and tags for writing in your own).
  • Auctions

    How To Make a Gift Basket

    Step-by-step instructions on making gift baskets for parent group auction events, plus clever theme suggestions for auction baskets.

  • Involvement

    Free Programs for Your School

    Check out our School Family Nights kits, sampling programs, and other free resources—they're designed to help your group grow involvement and make a difference.
  • Academics & Enrichment

    Cool Enrichment Ideas for PTOs

    Try one (or all!) of these parent-group-tested ideas to make learning more exciting for kids.

  • Volunteers

    Volunteer Management Made Easy!

    Track your volunteer information, manage volunteers for your events, and email exactly who you need with our all-new Volunteer Manager software. Try it for free.
  • Academics & Enrichment

    Guide to Supporting STEM Learning

    PTOs and PTAs can play a substantial role in promoting STEM and STEAM at their schools. Our free guide to supporting STEM learning is a must-read for parent groups that want to do just that.
  • Family Tech Talk Night

    5 Reasons To Hold a Family Tech Talk Night

    Thinking of organizing a Family Tech Talk Night? Here are five reasons why you should.

  • Inspiration

    What I Learned From the PTO

    Parent group leaders discover that volunteering teaches them powerful life lessons.

  • Parent Groups in the Community

    6 Ways To Be a Community Resource

    Try these community-building ideas like planning a service project and reaching out to local businesses.

  • Just for Fun

    The 5 Stages of Being a PTO Leader

    Excitement, anxiety, and everything that follows—can you relate?