• Finance & Budget

    Need Help Managing Your Group's Finances?

    With Finance Manager software, now any parent volunteer can easily manage funds, customize a budget, and monitor spending. Try a free 30-day trial today!
  • PTO Insurance

    Wondering About Parent Group Insurance?

    Questions about insurance coverage for your PTO or PTA? Our insurance checklist for new leaders can help make things less complicated.
  • Playgrounds

    The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Great Playground

    Creating a new school playground (or adding to an existing one) is a large project. Our free guide will help you navigate fundraising, vet vendors, and more.
  • Free Carnival Planning Guide

    Carnival Planning Guide for PTOs and PTAs

    Our complete school carnival and fair planning guide for PTOs includes everything you need to create a winning event for your school community. (Free; registration required.)
  • Involvement

    Put Parent Involvement First

    Focusing on parent involvement will make all your group's challenges easier to deal with. We'll show you how. (Free; registration required.)
  • Auctions

    4 Awesome School Auction Themes

    Build enthusiasm for your silent auction by using one of these cool and unusual themes. And click around each graphic for fun details!

  • Involvement

    Make the Case for Parent Involvement

    When parents participate in the educational process, kids do better in school. Here’s how to tell parents what they need to know.

  • Auctions

    6 Auction Experiences Kids Will Love To Win

    Enhance your auction (and up your bids) with these just-for-kids activities and experiences.