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Question: Collecting overdue funds

My name is Wade Cocek & I am VP at Atkinson elementary & I wanted to know how is the best approach to collect overdue funds from fundraiser? The school district policy says they can't assist so what other choices do we have? Thank yoiu.

Asked by Capt Wade



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Capt. Wade,

Unfortunately, this does happen. Our suggestion would be to first reach out to the folks who haven't paid with a "friendly reminder" note, and, if that doesn't get a response, you could next try a more sternly worded note. Chances are, you will get some response from folks this way because there are families that just truly forget. If you still have overdue funds after two letters, chances are, those folks aren't going to pay. You need to then decide if you want to pursue it in small claims court. Unless you are talking about a substantial amount of money, this may not be worth the time and expense you would have to put in to pursue this. It is an unfortunate outcome, especially when we are raising money to help kids.

Community Advice

Capt Wade writes:
Thank you Rose for the response.
This is what we did last year & only had a couple outstanding. What we have now done is when the final notice goes out we inform the parents that if no reponse is received after a week then inform the parents that are unable to participate in in future fundraisers the school has including future years at the school.
Last & not least I couldn't agree more about these helping the children.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Capt. Wade,
Sounds like you have a good plan. It's sad that there may be a few folks you just aren't going to be able to trust going forward. But, also good that there are so many who you can!

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