In case you hadn’t heard (highly unlikely if you have kids younger than 12), the new Minions movie came out on DVD on Dec. 8., which means we allllllll get to celebrate minion-style—again. Your group can take advantage of all the minion mayhem by planning a fun Family Movie Night at school. Heck, as long as you can get your hands on some googly eyes and something yellow to serve (bananas, anyone?), you’re golden. Just check out these super fun Minions-theme movie night ideas that’ll get families pumped to attend—and then be sure to download our free movie night planning kit. It has everything you need to organize and run your event, including Minions-theme promotional materials...consider it your group’s very own minion, helping you get the job done!

1. Serve up popcorn, minion-style (your snack bar has never “looked” so good).

via Homeroom Mom

2. No yellow cups? No problem. Plastic baggies work in a pinch.

via Pinterest user Melanie Cazares

3. And we’re not done with those googly eyes just yet. Stick ’em on pudding snacks...

via I Can Teach My Child

4. ...and applesauce cups.

via As the Bunny Hops 

5. When it comes to cheese, we’d say orange is close enough to yellow.

via Kid Friendly Things To Do

6. Kids will go bananas for this healthy treat (also the snack choice of minions everywhere!).

via Me Sew Crazy

7. Turn a trash can into your very own on-site Box Tops coordinator minion (remind families to bring their Box Tops!).

via Pinterest user Nicki Hensley

8. Serve up lemonade (or any yellow beverage, for that matter) minion-style.

via I Run For My Life

9. Decorations don’t have to be fancy to be fun (here’s lookin’ at you, fancy pants).

via Somewhere in the Middle

10. All eyes will be on the photo booth. Yes, all eyes.

via Maker Mama

11. Before the movie starts, keep little fingers busy with this one-eyed pom pom craft...

via Pinterest user Jen Rhoades

12. ...or this stick puppet craft that moonlights as a bookmark.

via Living Well Mom

13. End the night with a friendly game of “Pin the Goggles on the Minion.”

via Tidbits and Twine

14. The door to the gym (or caf) never looked so...dare we say...polished?

via Pinterest user Ben

15.  Families won't know the minions are about to invade unless you give them a proper heads up.

Promote your upcoming event with this fun Facebook graphic and flyer, part of our free Family Movie Night planning kit! It pretty much does all the work for you—which is sort of like having your group's very own minion, right? You’ll get the lowdown on how to run a rock star event, plus your movie licensing form (super duper important!), colorful promotional materials, and more. 

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