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9 years 3 months ago #137356 by LBVicePrez
I am looking for ideas for our bulletin boards. Are there any wesites out there that will help me? I'm only finding one's for classrooms.:confused:
9 years 3 months ago #137374 by Debbieomi
I don't know if there are even bulletin board ideas sited specific to PTOs. I "goodsearched" and came up with nothing. It is possible to cross link classroom bulletin boards into PTO boards. Maybe a good idea for an addition on this site, huh Tim?
I used an idea I found on here and kind of went on my own with it for this year's board. I created a boarder using various colors of laminated construction paper cut into puzzle pieces. I cut out the letters for "Are you the missing piece?" I printed out a list of every volunteer opportunity, from our Three for Me program, and put one on each of the puzzle piece border. I included little signs with our officer's info, meeting dates, Cash for Trash collection and left an area to stick up minutes, fliers, etc.
I have made extra of the puzzle pieces and each time a volunteer completes their three hour promise, they get their name put on the piece and I attach to the wall surrounding the bulletin board.
In previous years, we used a traditional border which looked llike newsprint and had the words, PTA NEWS at the top of the board. I used the board for info and fliers and to display thankyou notes and cards we've received.
Hope this helps a bit.
9 years 3 months ago #137375 by jajea
Not sure exactly what you are looking for but our PTO just put up a VOLUNTEER board and a "Thank You" board to the businesses that donate to us (it is amazing to me how good they are to support our PTO). We found a VOLUNTEER poem on this website that we laminated and put right in the middle of the board and have cut out "hands" to put the volunteer's names on and have asked the teachers to let us know if they have any pictures of volunteers to put on the board. We cut out cirlces for the business thank you board and placed their business card on the circle. If there isn't a card, we tried to get something from their letterhead or just simply made one. We have also asked the teachers to let the parents know the business board is there and to keep a check on it to see which businesses that have donated for bingo and the silent auction for our fall festival. They will probably do this with their weekly parent notes. Our principal located a couple of boards and had them hung close to the entry of the school. They look quite nice. Good Luck.
9 years 3 months ago #137387 by ohmomof2
We don't have a PTO boardso to speak. I'm in charge of decorating two bulletin boards. One is a birthday board that has all the kids' birthdays in that month, this one allows me to do different themes. My other one I use to feature/recognize one staff member each week. Teachers and support staff like being recognized for all they do and I've found this is a way to stay on their good side and get lots of teacher support.
9 years 3 months ago #137524 by LBVicePrez
Thanks you so much, these are great ideas and has given me something to go off of. Sometimes coming up with idea is difficult! You have been a great help!!:p:D
9 years 3 months ago #137527 by Mom2Punkin
We have asked that each Girl Scout troop take a month doing our calendar of events board. They will exhibit things they have worked on in GS and also receive community service points.
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