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Need some "catchy" phrases...ideas

10 years 5 months ago #74268 by momto2boysand1girl
Hi New here - - I was PTO volunteer coordinator last year and this year I am President.

The summer has been going really well. We have all our board members (we had trouble getting a few during elections).

We are going with the "treasure" them this year. Our school mascot is Dragons.

Any ideas that we could use throughout the year? We are trying to stay away from the "pirates & skulls".

I have seen some very creative ideas on this website. You guys are awesome!!!

10 years 5 months ago #74269 by justbreathe
Hi Nicki,

With a Dragon as your mascot, I would try taking the Mythical route. Themes that come to mind are: searching for treasure, gems, gems being rewards or goals students can reach and at each step be rewarded, different gems meaning different levels or rewards. You could apply that to various tasks. From games to mazes to incentive programs. Here is a website with loads of dragon links. You might also try Also, for younger children, you might look into ideas from the PBS kids show Dragon Tales. Hope these help! Have fun stormin' the castle!

10 years 5 months ago #74270 by momto2boysand1girl
Thanks Shelby!!! Great ideas.

10 years 4 months ago #74271 by jaydeecee
We need some "eagle" ideas. Are there any out there?
10 years 4 months ago #74272 by <unregistered>
Dragons and treasures makes me think of "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." (I think that is the name) by C.s. Lewis. I think it is #6 of the chronicles. So with my memory being as it is I would look that up and see if I could find some nifty lessons on that to spark MY limited imagination.

jaydeecee- "Eagles soar to strive" It kinda sounded better in my head. But maybe that will give you something to work with

10 years 4 months ago #74273 by Shawn
Checkout this thread

Themes, TShirt slogans and such

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