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6 months 4 weeks ago #170392 by Ktmanc
Hi! I am new to this board. Our PTA is looking at moving towards becoming a PTO. How hard is it really to do?? Any advice??
6 months 4 weeks ago #170412 by Rose H
Welcome to our Message Boards!
Moving from a PTA to a PTO isn't hugely difficult. It does require a few steps, though. You want to make sure you have consensus in the group for this decision. You can start up your new PTO as you wind down the PTA. You need to contact you state PTA to let them know of this change and, you may want to check on this one, but you may be required to invite a PTA representative to come to your meeting when you discuss and plan to vote on this change.

We have a good article that will provide you with more specifics on the process, Switching from a PTA to a PTO:

Also, if you are new to PTOToday, we have a terrific new Facebook group with lots of leaders from PTOs and PTAs. Lots of helpful folks sharing ideas and swapping tips. I think you'd find it really useful. The group is closed so you have to request to join (I'd approve you right away!). The link to the group:

Good luck! And stay in touch!

6 months 1 week ago #170432 by Ahclucas37206
I concur with everything that Rose said. Definitely read the articles and join the FB group as Rose mentioned. When my school switched over from a PTA to PTO, I was told they invited their PTA Rep and School board member to discuss the transition. Once obtaining the concensus, it was a breeze switching over.

As a new leader, PTO Today has helped me tremendously in every aspect of leading and sometimes managing our PTO. You have a support system here and we all help each other to succeed.
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6 months 6 days ago #170442 by Rose H
Thanks so much for sharing!
6 months 6 days ago #170443 by Rose H
Thanks so much for sharing! I sent you a PM. Would love to hear from you!

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