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ideas for prizes for walk-a-thon

8 years 11 months ago #140982 by FoxMom
Hi everyone-- looking for some unique ideas for a walk-a-thon fundraiser that Ii am putting together.
I'm giving out waterbottles filled with a few coupons from different companies for each student that returns their pledge form with at least 1 pledge... but I'm looking for some other unique gifts/prizes that I can give out.

I'm thinking a drawing for some of the really big prizes-- each students gets 1 ticket for every 5.00 in pledges they get...also giving out a grand prize for the student that collects the most pledges. All big prizes will be given out at an assembly after the event, that way we know we received all the pledge money first.

I'm trying to make the prizes be active prizes or prizes that have to do with fitness.
I've got a pair of running shoes/ a bike/ an ipod/ a party at a skating facility... looking for some other unique ideas-- but fun for the kids.
Thanks for all your help! FoxMOM
8 years 11 months ago #140987 by TPSparent
We have done Walk-A-Thons for years now at our elementary school. We ask for sponsors to donate a specified amount and add their logos to the back of the t-shirts we hand out to each child/teacher/parent. We also receive water bottles (usually donated). Pedomitors are another great item to hand out and there are companies that will donate them. We also have a parent DJ the Walk-A-Thon and the kids love the music.
We do donation asks to many companies for prizes as well including the local Zoo; Art Museum; YMCA; bike shops; karate, dance, soccer, etc. companies around town. We also do grand prizes for each grade so each grade level gets a chance at a grand prize and not just one student. Also, we do a classroom party for the class that brings in the most pledges. They might get extra recess, healthy snacks, etc.
We also do a 15 minute pep rally kick-off to get the Walk-A-Thon excitement going and explain exactly what we want the students to do. Generally we have our school's cheerleaders do a cheer with the students to get them excited about the event. This year we did reach our goal and the principal actually had to sit at her desk on top of the school building for most of the day. It was a huge hit! The media came out for the Walk-A-Thon as well as the Principal on the Roof day so it gave our school great exposure.
Good Luck!
8 years 11 months ago #140992 by FoxMom
Thank you-- I like the pedomitors idea. Can you tell me -- did you buy these with a donation of money or did you find a fitness company to donate them -- Also the water bottles -- I found them for .75 cents each-- but I haven't found anyone willing to donate-- Can you point me in the right direction as far as getting these type things donated for 600+ students-- seems a bit much-- But you have given me some other ideas for company sponsorship and I love the idea of giving each child a t-shirt with sponsor logos on it...
Thanks for the ideas-- We have a DJ planned as well and a Bubble spot-- where the kids run through bubbles blowing across a part of the course-- plus we'll have a few spots where they will have to do something funny-- like limbo at one point-- dance silly as they go by and so on-- anything to make it more fun for the kids.
8 years 11 months ago #141177 by TPSparent
Pedomitors ~ one of the parents works at a local hospital and was able to obtain them. Check with insurance companies as well as fitness companies.

Water Bottles ~ have the sponsor money pay for them so you can have your school logo on them. We've also received donated bottles of water from our local grocery stores since we didn't want to do water bottles two years in a row. If you do decide to spend the money on water bottles, watch for price breaks on quantities and if you have left overs you can sell them at your holiday shop, at PTO events, give as gifts for student of the month, etc. We had leftover bottles and used them as an end of the year gifts for our staff/teachers filled with goodies.

Love the limbo/dance/bubble ideas! Good stuff. :)
7 years 7 months ago #149622 by Gam84
What is the best way to contact and find sponsors? What is the most appropriate way to request/receive donations?
7 years 7 months ago #149623 by TPSparent
Sponsors: We started by asking our parents to check with the companies they work for to see if they would be willing to jump on board. We created a sponsor letter and just spelled out what we were doing, asking for, raising the funds for, and the benefit to their company (advertising). We also sent request letters to local businesses near the school especially those that our parents frequent. Often times, if you add that your group is a non-profit and include your information the business can then claim the donation on their taxes. We asked for $250.00 from sponsors and then put their company name and logo on the back of our t-shirt. (make sure you order a t-shirt for the owner:) As for the prize donations, we asked in the same letter if the company would rather make a prize/cash donation and we would be happy to pick up that donation. We had a few parents that would do follow up calls. Often, if a parent makes an effort to stop by the place of business to inquire about the letter that was sent, the owner/manager will hand over a donation. You need some go-getter parents. Make a list of all the companies and the contact at each one so that way you can reference that each year as well as the future parent planners. Also, if you can advertise the businesses that donate on a "Thank You" board out in front of the school, or add to your parent group website, or your school directory or newsletter that is always beneficial and another selling point in your initial letter. Be sure to send Thank You notes to all that donated and let them know how your school did, that will go along way and help for future donation requests. Hope this info helps.:)
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