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Parents' Night Out/Babysitting Fundraiser

4 years 2 months ago #162080 by MsSevilla
Has anyone tried hosting a Parents' Night Out/Babysitting event as a fundraiser? My kid's daycare does it and now I'd like to see if her school could benefit from it, though I'm getting a lot of push back from the principal. He's worried about the preschool/day care license. Any input from those in Michigan would be appreciated.

The tentative plan would be to offer it on a Friday night from something like 6:00-10:00p and have games, movies, pizza, basketball in the gym, etc. It would be staffed by parent volunteers. The principal's concern seems to be having our preschool teachers staff it and paying them OT and/or some kind of issue with our state license using non-staff for babysitting.

If you've hosted this kind of event, how did it go!? Pro's/Con's? What kind of fee did you charge? Net proceeds?

4 years 2 days ago #162395 by kimme94
We currently host a pizza party for 2 hours during the day for the holiday season- to help parents finish shopping or wrapping. We found 2 hours is enough for the preschool level & it was a great fundraiser. We were thinking of holding a kids movie night for 2 hours with the board members watching the kids. If you ended up having your parents night out please let me know how it turned out :) I'd love some advice on how we could have a successful kids movie night. Thanks!
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