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Hi, question about Fall Festival activities & Middle School students?

15 years 4 months ago #79170 by Leigh
I am on the planning committee for our school's Fall Festival. Our school is K-8 and we would like to have some more activities that the 6-8 graders would like to do. We were thinking of anything sports related (such as basketball/football toss, soccar kick, Sumo wrestling, etc.) Also, the middle school students are going to be asked to help out with our haunted house.

Just wondering, what types of carnival games do any of you suggest for this age group. We are pretty set for the K-5 graders.

Thanks, Leigh
15 years 4 months ago #79171 by Delene
We had the same question brought up to us at the end of last school year the answer we came up with was Games, We have designated on afternoon(afterschool) Harvest games festival. We are going to have 8 games: Pin the tail on the "Farm animal of your choise), melon patch - green baloons with notes inside that the kids will have to pop to find out what prize they recieve, Apple picking where each child will try to throw their apple in one of three baskets, Corn Saltks where the kids will shuck (unrap) a corn shaped prize, needle in a hay stack - 3 cups are decorated as hay stacks and a ping pong ball with needle written on it is put under one cup and they are mixed up, Vegetable garden where each student picks up a vegetable from a large box of (biodegradeable packaging noodles), Pull the plow (wheel barrel backwards) and potato sack race. I hope this information helps if you have any questions just let me know.
15 years 4 months ago #79172 by Leigh
Delene, thank you for those great ideas! The melon patch sounds really fun! I also liked how everything was truly a "harvest" theme with all the fruits and veggies! Great ideas!

2 years 4 months ago #166290 by Kathy Vigil
Skittle Competition

Items needed: Dessert paper plates, whip cream, skittles, gloves for hosts of the activity, table and 4-6 chairs timer, whistle.

Plates each have a different amount of skittles and they covered with whip cream.

20 second rounds. The participants have 20 seconds to find the skittles in the plate.

We gave a small prize to all who participated.
2 years 3 months ago #166293 by Rose H
Hi everyone!
Just wanted to pass along that we've added tons of ideas for fall events on our Pinterest page. Many of the ideas can be adapted for middle school.

Here's are the links:

Fall Carnival Ideas


Fall Events:

Good luck!
Rose C.
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