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Classroom Theme Basket Ideas

11 years 5 months ago #85275 by ranroo
We've decided to do Classroom theme basket as part of our Chinese auction this year. I need to come up with 35 different themes. Can anyone help please? Thanks so much

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11 years 5 months ago #85276 by Serendipity
Here are some of ours from our auction last year...

Lottery Ticket Basket... You can do them for any amount. Our basket had $100 worth of scratch off lottery tickets

Gift Wrap Basket- assorted wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, note cards, scissors, tape

Baby Basket - baby wash, shampoo, baby lotion, baby oil, diaper cream, diapers, bibs, etc.

First Aid Basket- bandaids, peroxide, first aid cream, calomine lotion,Gauze pads, tape, etc..

Pasta Basket - collander, cheese grater, various boxes of pasta, various boxes of sauces.

junk food basket - chips, pop corn, pretzels, doritos, dips, cookies, soda

Arts & Crafts basket- construction paper, tape, glue, scissors, crayons, stickers, markers, etc

Gardening basket - gloves, little trough, spade, & hoe, seed packets, gardening book

cat basket- cat treats & toys & cat brush

dog basket- dog treats & toys & dog brush

Tea basket - mugs & assorted teas, biscotti

Coffee basket-mugs, assorted coffees, chocolate covered spoons, biscotti

bath & body basket- scented soaps, body wash, lotions, loofah, sponges, candles

Kitchen Gadgets basket- collander, slotted spoon, unslotted spoon, measuring cup & spoons, pot holders, tongs, cutting board, etc..

Manicure basket- nail clippers, nail file, emery boards,polish remover, cotton balls, cuticle remover, orange stick, hand lotion, assorted nail polishes

Hair basket- shampoo, conditioner, brush, hair spray, gel, mouuse, hair clips, scrunchies.

Chocolate Basket- hershey bars, kit kats, peanut butter cups, M&M's, crunch bars, snickers, etc.

Cleaning supplies Basket- bucket, sponges, windex, fantastik, 409, carpet cleaners,furniture polish, cloths, air fresheners, room spray,

Boy basket- match box cars, army men, action figures, balls, frisbee, silly putty

Girl basket- jump rope, bubbles, paddle ball, small dolls, stickers, hair things

Car Wash Bucket- bucket, sponges, chamois, paper towels, armorol, turtle wax, car air fresheners

Candle Basket- assorted candles, candle holders, snuffer, fancy matches

Outdoor fun beach chair, pail, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sand castle tools.

Books Baskets...We had a few of these in different genres..Some for kids, both boys & girls. And Adult ones like a mystery book basket, a romance book basket, and a basket full of assorted cook books.
11 years 5 months ago #85277 by shopoholic
We've had great success with our baskets. Here are the ideas we have used.....
1. Spring Has Sprung or Earthly Delights - gardening books, tools, seeds, etc.
2. Perk Me Up - anything "coffee"
3. Birthday Party in a Basket or Where's the Party - cake pan, cake mixes, balloons, pinata, plates, napkins, etc.
4. Chocolate Fever or The Chocolate Touch - anything chocolate along with the books
5. Simple Pleasures or A Day at the Spa - anything for a home spa
6. My own Tool Box or Handyman Special - tools of all types put in a tool box
7. A Night at Home for the Parents - anything for a romantic evening at home
8. Fisherman's Cove - anything for fishing
9. All Scream for Ice Cream - anything for sundaes, cones, toppings, gift cert.
10. Let's Be Creative or Bucket of Fun or Little Picasso - anything "art"
11. What's Cookin' or We Can Bake (parent/child) - anything for baking or cooking
12. Hush Little Baby or Mommy and Me - anything for mom and baby
13. Tea Time - anything for a tea party
14. Late Night Snack Attack or Sweets-n-Treats or Snack Maniac - snack foods
15. Making Memories or Scrapbook Heaven - anything for scrapbooking
16. Housewarming Basket - cleaning supplies put in a trash can
17. All Kinds of Sports or Get Up and Move - anything sports, balls, games, water bottles, etc
18. Bookworm Bonanza or The Book Store - anything for reading, different books, bookmarks, book light, book plate, etc.
19. Cookie Monster is in the Kitchen - anything for baking cookies
20. Showtime! or A Night at Home for the Family - games, movies, snacks, books, etc.
21. Hot Rod Heaven - anything for your car
22. How Much is That Doggy in the Window - anything for your pet
23. Happy Camper - anything for camping
24. Good Morning! - anything for breakfast
25. That's Italian! - anything Italian
26. Fiesta! - anything Mexican
27. Picnic In the Park - anything for a picnic
28. Backyard Chef - anything for BBQ
29. Writer's Workshop - anything for writing, pens, lap desk, dictionary, hournal, pens, etc.
30. Just What the Dr. Ordered - anything Dr. Suess
31. Disney Mania - anything Disney
32. The Sound of Music - anything that has to do with music

Those are some that we have used. If you want any unique suggestions on what to put in them, let me know. We had some great things donated for them. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
11 years 5 months ago #85278 by lisa breidenstein
We had great success with our theme basket auction! We had each classroom do a basket and then opened it up to families and the community. We has 315 baskets valued between $75.00 and 125.00. I was so much fun! Here are some of our themes:

1. Arts and Crafts: Paint, Markers, Crayons, Scissors, Easel, Construction Paper, Craft Kits...

2. Movie Night: Popcorn, DVD's, Gift Cards to Blockbuster, Big Pillows....

3. Baking Basket: Cookie Cutters, Cookie Sheets, Pot Holders, Cookbooks, Rolling Pin, Measuring Cups...

4. Day at the Pool: Floats, Sunscreen, Flip Flops, Pool Toys, Beach Towels...

5, Pasta Basket: Various Pastas, Pasta Bowl, Colander, Pasta Sauces, Gift Card to Italian Rest....

6. Ice Cream Basket: Ice Cream Toppings, Bowls, Gift Catd to Ice Cream Parlor...

7. Christmas: Ornaments, Christmas Cards, Wrapping Paper, Decorations....

8. Wrapping Basket: Tape, Scissors, Wrapping Paper, Cards, Bows, Ribbon...

9. Coffee: Coffee Pot, Coffee, Mugs, Coffee Grinder, Tim Horton Gift Card, Mug Mats, Mug Warmer....

10. Lottery Basket: Lots of Lottery Tickets and we made it into a tree- These were brought in by the staff.

11. Dog Basket: Dog Biscuits, Bones, Dog Bed, Dog Toys, Leash, Collar, Gift Card to Pet Store...

12. Stationary Basket: Stamps, Journal, Note Cards, Cards, Pens....

13. Game Basket: Board Games, Card Games, Puzzles....

14. Harry Potter Basket: Anything Harry Pottter
We had books, hat, bookmarkers, toys, puzzles, mug,,

15. Disney Basket: Anything Disney
Games, Movies, Toys...

16. Gardening Basket:
Shovel, WheelBarrow, Seeds, Bulbs, Watering Can, Kneeling Pad, Hat, Garden Book, Pots, Gift Certificate to a Garden Center...

17. Tools:
Hammer, Screws, Drill, Safety Goggles, Wrench, Socket Set, How to Books....

18. School Supplies:
Paper, Pencils, Notebooks, Crayons, Markers, Scissors, Colored Pencils...

19. Book Basket:
Any kind of Childrens Books, Book Markers, Gift Card to Book Store...

20. Book Basket:
Any kind of Adult Book, Gift Certificate to Book Store, Reading Lamp- Staff did this basket.

21. Pamper Me Basket :
Bath Products, Tub Pillow, Relaxing Music, Gift Certificate to Nail Manicure or Message....

22. Sports Basket: Sports Tickets, Water Bottles, Bat, Ball, Hats, Golf Balls, Tees, Folding Chair...

23. Candle Basket: Various Candles, Lighter, Candle Holders...

24. Snack Attack: Chips, Nuts, Bowls, Gift Certificates for Pizza, Candy....

25. Chocolate Lovers Basket:
Any kind of chocolate candy, hot chocolate, Gift Certificates to Candy Shop....

We found parents really liked to get gift cards- Many classes we made 2 or 4 baskets per class. We supplied each student with a letter (class specific and with additional ideas) and we also had a landry basket in each room for collection. We had 2 weeks to bring in items- teachers would call when their baskets were full!

I had a team of 8 people who came in and we made 103 in one day- we packed the baskets, cellophaned with a shrink wrap gun, and added bows!

We then continued to make additional baskets with items from school families and the community!
We were able to make over $24,000.00 on our theme basket event! Good Luck!
11 years 5 months ago #85279 by Melissa Constantine
I don't think these were mentioned:

*Family Game Night Basket(all types of board or card games)

*PTO Mystery Basket (we put in donations of all types that either didn't fit into a particular category or we had an excess of)

*Bear Basket

*State Basket (Our 4th graders always do these. They are required for their classes to write to different companies or tourist areas throughout Indiana asking for donations. We have had things like free passes to local caverns and overnight stays at historic inns. We then divide everything by region and make up several different baskets.)

This year I think we are going to do a box tops for education basket.

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11 years 5 months ago #85280 by merdunlap
We've done many of the baskets already mentioned--here are a few others (sorry if I missed seeing any of these in the other posts):

*Hot Wheels
*Country Kitchen (roosters, cows, etc...)
*Red, White and Blue (doesn't have to be just
patriotic things)
*Car care
*Ornaments/tree trimming :D
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