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Craft and Teacher Ideas for Silent Auction

11 years 1 week ago #86816 by JTina
For our silent auction, we ask each class to make 2 class projects to auction off during the live auctions. We have done quilts, toy boxes, platters all decorated by the children. What crafts have you done?

We also try to get the teachers involved in donating items. WE have had them donate appeziters every month for year, tutoring, the comnputer teacher took pictures of the kids, etc. What have your teachers done?
11 years 1 week ago #86817 by <Karen Lewis>
Most of our teachers do an "event" for a child or children such as "Lunch and Movie for two children". One teacher had a swimming party and lunch at their house for one or two (or maybe three children). One energetic group of Middle School teachers had a slumber party for a group. Another Middle School teacher offered to take a small group shopping out of town and to spend the night (but that wasn't the norm). Mostly, it was the teacher taking the child to lunch, a movie or a museum.
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