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Rose C Hi Patsy,
I wask poking around for something about "warrants,'' and while I couldn't find anything on that (but I am still looking) I did find another thread with several people talking about how the did a "jail'' and how much fun it was. Some used tickets to get in and out of jail; one group restricted it so only teachers could be arrested.

Here's the link to the thread. Hope it gives you some good

Good luck and I will check back in if I can find "warrants.''

Rose C.
patsy shaner I am thinking about doing a Jail and Bail at Relay for Life, where can I find warrents at or what kind oh warrents do i need to make
kmamom That sounds great! How do you serve the warrants? Could you make the bail higher, or would that turn people off?
RoboMom At our Fall Carnival each year, we have a "real" jail (donated by a local saloon). The jailor sells arrest warrants for $1. The person who is arrested has to spend 5 minutes in jail or pay a bail of $1. Doesn't sound like much, but makes a ton of money and is hugely popular. We usually have one or two people (usually kids) who resist going to jail, but overall it is a fun thing to do!
<Marie> I am not sure exactly how it works, but to avoid the "jail" image, we are having a "zoo" at our carnival, where people will pay to have someone put them in the zoo, I don't know how they get out.
mykidsmom Oh, and I read that! I'm sorry...
What my husband had to do was this, he was nominated by a co-worker who in turn gave my husband's name to the org and in return he was sent an info packet. The packet contained info like how much his bail was, ideas who to call on, how to collect, ways of payment and where and when he needed to go to "serve" his time and turn in the bail. Regardless if he collected $5 to get out and $10 to keep him in, all monies collected was put towards his bail and he was released after like 20 min. I think.

Anyway the guys had a great time and a few drinks and raised some cash for a great cause!