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questions about 5th grade year end party

15 years 5 months ago #94898 by nicurn
hi everyone, I have a quick question. we are an elementary school grades K-5. every year the 5th grade has a graduation party. The pta gives them 1000$ for this. (the pta also apparently pays for DARE t-shirts, and another 1000$ for the fifth grade field trip. Do other pta's do this? I'm just curious, I'm not opposed to it, I'm just wondering. Or do the 5th grade parents form a committee and do their own things to raise money? Maggie
15 years 5 months ago #94899 by juliedio
Our school, also a K-5, throws an end-of-the-year picnic for our 5th graders. We buy them all t-shirts that have their graduation year and every class members name on them. We also give every 5th grader free yearbooks. Our picnic includes hot dogs, salad, desserts and fruit, along with drinks. But it costs us no where near $1000.oo. In fact, our budget for the picnic was about $150.00 for 75 students and teachers. These kids have become part of the Jackson School family and are deeply missed by all of the PTO. We don't ask the parents to contribute extra $, however, we do ask that they send in a bag of chips or cookies.
15 years 5 months ago #94900 by plw
I have noticed that in all of our 15 units budget the 5th graders at the elementary, the 8th graders at the middle school and of course the seniors at the highschool receive more money than events at the lower levels. A few hundred here and there is not a big problem but I have a few questions. How much do you typically raise in a year and how many 5th graders are there?
15 years 5 months ago #94901 by nicurn
hi, I think we have maybe 100-120 5th graders. I don't know how much money we brought in last year, I know giftwrap brought in 15,000 and the chocolate fundraiser brought in 5,000. I'm really just upset because I keep getting e-mails telling me that the 5th graders "deserve" this and that, but they aren't doing anything about it, they expect it to be handed to them. I would love to do t-shirts though. We apparently pay for the dare t-shirts, maybe we could not get those but get t-shirts with everyone's names and the year. I'll have to chat with the principal. Maggie
15 years 5 months ago #94902 by swhitford
We have about 80 - 90 5th graders at our school. The PTA purchases the t-shirts with their year "class of" with all the signatures for the kids but for their end of the year activities (in the past a dance and cake after graduation) the 5th grade pays for it themself. They have raised money with bake sales and they've sponsored a Valentine's Dance for the whole school (but the pricipal put a squash on that for the future). Now that my son is in 5th grade we have to come up with ways to make money since most of the money in the past has come from the dance.
15 years 5 months ago #94903 by dcd
In the past we tied a specific event (Breakfast with Santa, including food, pictures and little gift items stuff) to budget line item. Intent - break even and then use profits to help send the 5th graders to Six Flags over Texas (subsidizing the cost of the tickets so the parents don't have to pay for the entire ticket).

The problem was, we couldn't even get the parents of the 5th graders to help volunteer at the event- nor could we get them to cooperate and donate food. Remember this event was to help offset their expense of the $$ ticket.

In the end - we no longer give them the profits - and updated the standing rules to note that there is not special line item to award to the 5th graders end of the year party. We let them enjoy the benefits of PTA like all the other grades.

We award two field trips for each grade level each year, and the fifth graders can use one of those two field trips as their end of the year activity expense - or the parents and teachers can work the deal out with principal (he has an activity fund to use for such things.).

If there is a particular child that the teachers knows the parennt can not contribute to their ticket by any means - the teachers are always invited to approach PTA and the Principal to help offset the cost of the ticket for special situations.
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