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Back to School Night Speech

14 years 4 months ago #107741 by Dragon
Does anyone have a great back to school night speech? I want something that's fun and will get the crowds attention, not put people to sleep?
14 years 4 months ago #107742 by Kathie
Last year was my first year as PTA president and I knew I had to do a quickie speech in front of all the parents, so I took the time to write it down. The key thing for me to remember was that the parents were not there to see me or hear me, they just wanted to meet their kids teachers and socialize with each other. oh, and I had my board members - only 5 + Principle- sit in the first row with name tags.
With that in mind, I introduced myself and told them where I would be that evening if they wanted to talk to me. I introduced my executive board and told them what they did, " Our 1st Vice President is ....., she is in The Committee Chairperson," etc. Then I invited them to the next PTA meeting. I thought it went pretty well.
4 years 3 months ago #161809 by Priti Saldanha
This was my speech as VP after the President introduced the board and the activities we do:

Thank you Dr. Cella ( our principal) for making an amazing school experience possible for our kids this year. My son comes home everyday, since school began, and says, "Mom I have all great teachers. I am so happy to go to school". Isn't this every parent's dream?

Good schools are made not just by good facilities or fancy stone walls, sure they help...but it's the wealth of it's teachers. Our teachers' are our strength and a very dynamic part of our PTO.

I know some of you think your child is too old to want you around...And yes they ARE getting there...but you can still be a powerful contribution to their education when you know what they are getting at school...and find ways to supplement their learning through supporting the school...and by giving them educational experiences in the real world.

Attend one of our PTO meetings ( we have babysitting provided for evening meetings) and you'll always go home pleased...when you see what we achieve as a team; the teachers, the administration and us parents.

Support your PTO. You can do this through donating money ( as you have graciously done) or through sharing your time, talents and expertise. For instance, we could use somebody that has even minimal experience in event management to chair our POTLUCK Supper. Truly, no matter what you do, we can use you.

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