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13 years 4 months ago #108965 by melinda dotherow
Hi. Can anyone send me a copy of the Accelerated Reader Prize program that they use? We are looking for new ideas. Thanks, Melinda
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13 years 4 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #108966 by
Hi Melinda,
Our school uses dogtag necklaces, it's a smash with the kids! They get to wear their dogtags on Fridays and the school rings with jingles We've had kids fill their necklaces in 1/2 a year. If you might be interested in doing this, let me know and I'll get you the specifics on the program.
13 years 4 months ago #108967 by rosewood2
Can I get information on the dog tags? At the school my boys use to go to. We had levels that the children had to reach. As they reached the levels they had a picture of themselves to put into that levels space. The levels were in the cafeteria/multi purpose room so that everyone could see the effort of every child. You could use the childrens pictures and put them on a themed wall with the levels on colored paper, ex. outer space and make the background of the pictures to be space ships. the theme could be blasting into outerspace with accelerated readers. :eek:
13 years 4 months ago #108968 by <melinda>
good ideas! Thanks!
13 years 4 months ago #108969 by mommyofgoobers
Please just be considerate of the kids who will never make the wall. Many students, for various reasons, will not make goal and will be very discouraged about not having their picture on the wall. Also, these kinds of efforts make motivation external rather than intrinsic for reading. AR tests ask only literal questions and do not encourage higher level thinking.
Read for enjoyment and knowledge; not for points or dogtags.
13 years 4 months ago #108970 by C. Brooks
Krista- You can get the dog tags from Oriental Trading. Our fourth grade got those last year to sell at a booth for Spring Fling, they sold out in no time.

We had a very large bulletin board in our lunch room. It was divided up into the clubs. 5pt. Club-25 pt. Clubs go by every 5 pts. until after 25 pts. then it is every 25 pts to make it to another point club. Their names were put on stars and put under the correct point club, but they kept getting knocked off so our principal had each grade/teacher to make their own chart to put outside their room. One teacher does fish with the child's name and points on it. One grade made a large apple and has apples with the children's names and points, and one grade has ice cream cones and every time the child moves up they get another scoop. We have never had a problem with any one feeling left out to my knowledge (we did have a mom,however, if her child's star wasn't changed immediately). It makes some kids want to try a little harder to keep up with their friends, but all in all, the kids that aren't interested much in reading doesn't pay any attention to it. We also give AR trophies at the end of the year with the child that received the most points in each room.

They ordered different prizes last year. I know we've had pencils, crayon banks, sun glasses, cup holders, zipper clips, hakky sak footballs, AR bumper stickers with the school logo, rulers, license plates with school logo, sports cups with school logo, pom poms. That is all I can remember right now.

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