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How do I revive my membership campaign?

11 years 3 months ago #113822 by GAPTADAD
My membership campaign has stalled and I need your help to revive it. Let me give you the quick run-down. Our school has approximately 500 students. I prepared a folder for every student before school started so the teacher could distribute during Open House. Every student received a membership form, envelope for Boxtops for Education collection, budget, plan of work, and more. I gave teachers "spares" for children who join their class later in the year. I was thrilled at the initial response. I planned for a membership of 100. In August, I recorded 50 memberships. In September, I recorded 24 memberships. So far in October, I've recorded 3 memberships. But, of my 77 members, about 45 are staff and teachers. I have membership tables set up at meetings. I send home a newsletter to every student - not just members. I have no help in the matter as I am the President with only a Treasurer as supporting staff. (All others were removed from office for not paying their dues, communicating, or attending the first meeting.) So, the burden is mine and I'm trying to find out how can I revive a membership campaign? I started with a football player on a football field and marked membership by placing white out to mark the player's trip to the end zone. 100% membership - party, all that good stuff. My second meeting of the year is soon so I'm hoping "business will pick up". But, how can I say, "Hey, you can still join!" or "We do a lot of great things - please be a part of it!" Thanks for your help.
11 years 3 months ago #113823 by mykidsmom
The challenge I have is a 75% working parents population and many just don't have the time to stop by for a Monday meeting. I am working wit the school to put our PTO information on the school's web site (something new!) and more/better information in the school's newsletter for the parents.

Once the parent's know what to expect or what is expected, things can only get really!

p.s. I would love to see more teachers and staff from our school!
11 years 3 months ago #113824 by my3strongtikes
At our school we have about 550 students and our membership this year was almost 300 and 12 of that was staff. I thought the staff part was totally stinky not joining, but they can ask you for money pretty darn quick!!!

But to answer your question. We had a huge PTO drive this year I made up pamphlets over the summer they were given to the students first day of school. Then we did a display in the hall with a tree and asked everyone to become part of the PTO family tree. We put the last names of the family on a leaf and put it on the empty tree. That worked out really well and the kids loved looking for their names. I have also been "talking" it up at the meetings and explain where the funds go and events/activities we do.

I know it would be late to do a pamplet but something similiar to a newsletter to explain what the PTO does.


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11 years 3 months ago #113825 by CapeDad
At this point in the year, I'd be trying to make the most out of the members I have and try and make being a part of your group a positive experience for them.

Alternatively, I'd want to get one of my members on board to handle the membership aspect. Doing it right takes a lot of effort and time that the president doesn't necessarily have once the year is really moving.

If the current group has a positive experience, you are likely to get more members in the future.

Your rate is actually pretty good. 30 out of what is likely about 300 families is decent, especially if it is up from the past year.

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11 years 3 months ago #113826 by citymama
I feel like we've had a similar experience. We sent out a summer welcome packet outlining stuff the PTO does, then we sent membership forms home with all the students the first week of school... and we now have 57 members. That out of a school of 650 students. I've thought of sending the form home again, but I think agree with CapeDad and we all just need to make the most of the members we have. Don't get down about it though... I'm going to get every single one of our 57 to volunteer this year!
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