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Catholic Schools Week IDEAS!

11 years 17 hours ago #114328 by Glad HSO Pres
I am the president of our HSO. I would like to celebrate Catholic Schools Week a little bit more than our school has in the past years. I was thinking of gift bags for the kids but what do I include in the bags? What about gift bags for the teachers? I need neat ideas that includes the entire school community. How else can we celebrate? We have muffins for mom, donuts for dad and grandparents lunch scheduled.

Thanks for your ideas!
11 years 16 hours ago #114329 by ShellyA
Hi, here is our current list of things we are doing for Catholic Schools Week.
1/28-1/29 8th graders read essays at Mass on their experience at Catholic School
1/30 our National Junior Honor Society Members provide tours to prospective parents. We also will have a bulletin board highlighting the students who are members of the NJHS and all of their academic and extra-curricluar activities.
1/31 Teacher Aprreciation Lunch
Teachers vs. Students Volleyball game
Wear school colors
Also, since we won an IPOD from Funding Factory we are drawing a students name to win it. We are not having them buy a raffle ticket as we want to give everyone a chance and thank the families for recycling cartridges.
2/1 All school Mass with speeches being given by 2 former graduates who are now Senior in High School. Each child can invite VIPs (parents, grandparents, etc.) to come to Mass and to have refreshments in their classroom.
2/2 Academic Bowl for grades 4-8
Induction and dinner for new members into NJHS
11 years 16 hours ago #114330 by ShellyA
Sorry I hit the wrong key. Here are the last 2 days of activities.
2/3 Student Variety Show
All school sock hop with dinner, poodle skirts, DJ and games.
2/4 Presentation of the hit show Late Night Catechism.
The PTO will provide students with an ice cream treat at lunch one day that week.

We are anxious to hear from the rest of the Catholic Schools. Let us know what you are doing.

Michelle Ryan
PTO President
St. Francis de Sales
Lake Zurich, IL
7 years 9 months ago #148653 by wood bob
If you've got pictures of MRy and or JRy in poodle skirts, I'd love to see them!!
7 years 9 months ago #148675 by mconnery
We have our book fair the entire week and have different activities planned for each day. Each day is usually a different theme, i.e. school colors, pajama day, dress-up day (this coincides with the all-school Mass and the day when parents, grandparents, etc are invited to school), clash day (find the most unattractive outfit you can), dress as your favorite storybook character, etc. Some of these we change each year, others (like dress-up day and pajama day) we do every year because they are favorites.

On one of the days, we invite parents, grandparents, friends, etc to come to school in the morning, go to mass, visit the classrooms, see a talent show (songs, readings by the older kids of their poems or essays, dances, etc) and then have lunch with the students.

On Friday, we have volleyball games in the gym with different grades playing against each other, ending with 8th graders versus teachers. Parents are always invited to play with their child's grade.

We also always plan our open house one night during CSW as a time for prospective new families to visit the school and meet the teachers. Many of our current parents (especially K and pre-K parents) come to show those families around and answer questions.

We will also have a thank-you reception for the parish members after Sunday mass at the end of CSW - our parish is very supportive of the school and we like to show our appreciation to them. It's just donuts and coffee in the school after mass, but it's something to say thank you for their support.
6 years 3 days ago #155767 by MK
Here are the BIG events for each day.

Monday - Mass
Tuesday - Minute to Win It Show/Students are the contestants.
Tasks are grade appropriate.
Wednesday - Fourth Grade does a Museum of Historical People.
They dress in costume of a historical person and have a speech ready
to recite. By each historical person is a "button" when pressed - the
historical person comes to life and tells their lift story.
All day Open House
Thursday - In house field trip - this year zoo is bringing animals.
Friday - Middle School Jeopardy game in auditorium and
student vs teacher volley ball game.
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