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Installation of new officers ideas

10 years 11 months ago #114426 by joanie01
I know it's only Feb., but we all know how time flies, so... I'd love to hear ideas on installation ceremonies.
10 years 11 months ago #114427 by MonkeyGirl
I would like to know how to just get parents to want to be officers!!! Right now its just me (pres.) and the VP (and she don't do anything)...we don't have a Treasurer or Secretary and havn't had one since Januray 1.
10 years 11 months ago #114428 by joanie01
Funny you should mention that. Right now we are looking for 3 people to fill positions for next year, including President. My current position puts me in charge of the installation ceremony. I'm being optimistic that the postions will be filled.
10 years 11 months ago #114429 by ihad2muchcoffee
Elections is a difficult time for our group. We don't exactly have parents jumping for seats on the board. We send out a flyer letting people know seats on the board are open and leave an area people can fill out if they are interested. We recieved 0 (zero) last year. Our school has a volunteer luncheon and we recruited members during the luncheon (I know how that sounds, but oh well!) Anyway, Election time is right around the corner--we'll be announcing the upcoming elections next month! Good luck to you all, and if you happen to discover the secret to filling board positions, please share!!!!
10 years 10 months ago #114430 by My 2 Boys
We have a Board with 10 positions. Of the years I've been here (3), we've never had any parents fighting over taking a position, but we also haven't had any positions remain vacant. This year, as President, I've spent a good amount of time just talking to people. We've increased the number of meeting attendees this year in part because we are a fun group and I've spent a lot of time just asking people to come. Many people just need to feel wanted and welcomed. Our meetings are open and we allow comments from anyone. It's semi-tightly run along Roberts Rules of Order but it's really open to ideas and comments - good and bad. So when elections roll around, people usually realize they are needed and they can have a say in what goes on. So they volunteer. We also do a lot of social activities (we're in a very small town) so a lot of the newer people gradually get more familiar with the more established group. It was cliquish when I arrived but it doesn't seem that way now. We do a lot for the school and our parents support the PTO heavily at functions where we need volunteers, even if they don't regularly attend meetings.
10 years 10 months ago #114431 by <P>
Do same people hold office next year if no one wants the positions? We do this at our school just so that there will be someone getting the ball rolling until someone takes office. I was wondering if anyone else does this.
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