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Teacher Wish List samples??

10 years 9 months ago #114971 by my3strongtikes
Does anyone have a sample of a teacher wish list letter? I am trying to set something up for the teachers so that the PTO can help them out but I am not sure how to word it. If you have any examples could you email me.


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10 years 9 months ago #114972 by okaymom2
I would love to get this going too...Our teachers deserve some help.. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
10 years 9 months ago #114973 by Debbieomi
The first year we did a wishlist, we simply had a paragraph saying that we wanted to fill whatever wishes we could and then added a table to the bottom of the letter for their name, grade and what they wanted. This was posted in each of the two school's staff lounges.
In retrospect, it would have been easier and more efficient to have sent individual letters to each teacher.
If you have a specific dollar amount that is available for each classroom or if it's by grade level or an amount for the entire school, you should include that. Also, let them know if you are willing to purchase "consumables" like paper, pencils, crayons, etc. Our policy is to only purchase items that can be used many years or shared between classrooms.
We had teachers ask for everything from an encyclodia set to games for rainy day reccesses and everything in between. If they are using the same catalogs, it's easier for your group to oraganize the order and submit, paying with one check, versus each teacher ordering individually and then reimbursing them.
I think our letter went something like this:

Dear Teachers,
Your PTA is granting your classroom wishlists. Below, you will find a chart for each of you to enter your name and what you would like the PTA to buy for your classroom. Dream big and list everything you would like. We may not be able to get all of it right now, but who knows in the future. The only thing we request is that you do not add consumables, such as paper or pencils to this list. We would like students in the years to come to benefit from the purchases also.
We also added a date for the list to be completed, giving it several weeks so that the teachers had time to look through catalogs, etc. When that date arrived, we took down the list, and any teachers not listed got a note in their mailbox giving them until the end of the next school day to leave a list of items in our box. Each of our 25 teachers had about $125 spent for purchases for their classroom.
10 years 9 months ago #114974 by SHC
I cut and pasted below the one that we use. Hope it helps!

The Parents’ Club would like to help you by funding items that may not be covered in the school budget. While we cannot guarantee that we can fund every request, we want to hear how Parents’ Club funds can help you in the classroom. If we are unable to fund something immediately, it is possible that the request will be retained until more funds become available. Thank you.

Teacher’s name_________________________
Grade or subject_________________
AMOUNT OF REQUEST________________
I would like the Parents’ Club to fund the following:
Please explain briefly the need for this item or how it will help you in the classroom:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Head of School: Accepted__________Rejected__________
If rejected, explain______________________________________________________________

Brought before the Parents’ Club Executive Committee on this date_______________________
Comments____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________
Brought before the Parents’ Club on this date__________
Notice given to school business manager to transfer these fund on this
10 years 9 months ago #114975 by Linda Korta
I did this last year. It was my first time at a new school and we had one already set up at my previous school. I just sent out a note asking the teachers what they wanted/needed for their classroom. I kept the lists and put a note in the School newletter in october and november that if parents wanted some hints on teacher gifts for Christmas they could call me and I would give them the ideas on the list. Some teachers didn't do it because they misunderstood and thought that the students would be bringing home a list. Not that the parents would have to request it. The misunderstanding made them feel like they were begging?(not the right word). Anyhoo I have to check with the principal if we want to do this again. I only got three calls from 300 families but it was a new idea and everyone doesn't necesarily read the newletter.

10 years 9 months ago #114976 by Linda Korta
To: Independence Staff
From: IFO
Subject: Wish List

This year we would like to compile a list from each teacher/staff member of the items they would like for their classroom. This list would be offered to any parent requesting it for gift giving or appreciation purposes. Since this is something new to us your input on the structure is very important. We will let all the parents know that these lists are available as soon as they are returned either by a note sent home or via the Patriot Press. This might be very helpful at Christmas time and might also be useful to parents at any time they feel the need to be generous.

Please write up a list of things and send it back to IFO c/o Linda Korta. I was also thinking since there is the new teacher store in town I might be able to work out some type of coupon with them if they have the items you are looking for.

Call me with any questions or concerns about this project.

Thank you
Linda Korta
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