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Box Top Contest Ideas

10 years 3 months ago #116850 by debbiee12
Our PTO has been asked from our Student Council to take over the Box Tops 4 Education program.

I am thinking of putting containers in each classroom and having a contest through the year to see who collects the most. We could offer an ice cream or pizza party to the top 3 classes or something.

Does anyone else do this?

I was thinking of making some type of poster showing the amount of tops collected each month. One of our moms had a cute idea of having hot air balloons rising to the top, another had a regular chart, and another had cars racing to the end.

Curious to see if anyone else does this and would like to share some ideas.
10 years 3 months ago #116851 by RobinD
first, go to - they have a coordinator's section that has all osrts of ideas and pdf files you can print and copy ( awards, letters to parents, etc....- You need your school id # and the special password that the coordinators set up.

secondly, we do contests twice a year. We award a pizza party ( or something like that) to the class that collects the most Box Tops averaged out per student. That way, a class of 16 students has just as much chance of winning as a class of 23 students.

We also tell teachers that they have to submit Box Tops ( and you get an idea of the range per classroom) within the range for any given contest, or they won't be eligible to win the next one. Sadly, we had to do this because we had a teacher who, after she won the Spring 2006 contest, bragged about how she had stockpiled them all year and didn't turn any in during the Fall contest. Can you imagine the nerve??

We also did a one-day contest on the 100th day of school. ( which is between our Fall and Spring contests) For every grade that brought in 100 Box Tops ( which we knew we would blow that # away.. as we have 4 classes in every grade).. they would win the opportunity to wear hats on "Hat Day".

Of course it served 2 purposes, one, it got rid of a lot of Box Tops so we could get one more round sent in before the deadline, and reduce the # we would have to count in the Spring contest- but more importantly we wanted a mid-winter spirit day, and we knew we would hit the goal.

It was a good way to create a fun Spririt day! Some classes even made their own hats to wear.. while others had different criteria to add stuff to hats, or wear all blue hats, or the craziest hat, or wear something on your head thatis not usually used as a hat ( like a colander!).. it was FUN!!!
10 years 3 months ago #116852 by kelgf
We have a compition going on for the month of Oct. A sheet with all different Halloween pictures on it came home and you have to cover each one with a box top. There will be an overall winner and a winner from each classroom. I guess the prizes are from local business, one of which is a McDonalds certificate. Hope this helps.
10 years 3 months ago #116853 by Merrie
Go to page 3 under Fundraising on the message board for more great ideas. ptgmom93 sent me some GREAT ideas. I think the date is around 9/1.

Good Luck,
10 years 3 months ago #116854 by debbiee12
Thanks a lot!! I will check it out. :D
10 years 3 months ago #116855 by ScottMom#1
We do a fall contest for a pizza party and a spring contest for something like skittles and sprite or ice cream sundaes. In between, we run a store where kids bring their BT every Friday during lunch and can shop for items (usually leftover carnival prizes) that cost 1-5 BT. This is a big hit and it keeps them coming in. Parents of less involved parents like this because it means their child can get something.
Also, the BT site has a chart you can buy, as well as, other promotional materials. I always try to remember to have fun with it.

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