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12 years 8 months ago #117986 by learning the ropes
We are helping get ready for Open House tomorrow night. We have one more bulleting board in a common area to come up with an idea for. We've done photos, art, accomplishments, etc. Any fun or cute ideas? Text - graphics??
12 years 8 months ago #117987 by somuchloveformy2kids
How about a "You are here, but do you know where I am?" board. Sort of like a scavenger hunt, but photos of different places around the school, one with photos, or sayings from around the school. Such as the "boxtops" collection bin, an often missed teacher's door (like speech, OT), view outside or of the hall from one of the classrooms, nurse's cabinet, PE equipment, lunch tray, saying on a teacher's board, special seat in the library, etc.

If it is where everyone starts, perhaps they might look around the school more.
12 years 8 months ago #117988 by learning the ropes
Thanks, I will give it a shot!
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