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Carnival games for older kids

11 years 2 months ago #119793 by kelleyraek
Hey, Everybody!
We are gearing up for our second carnival ever. We would like to add some games that are more appealing to older students (grades 4-6) this year... Any unique ideas?
(Last year, the hoop shoot, fast pitch baseball throw, and dunk tank were the most popular games for our older students.)
All ideas are greatly appreciated!!!
Madison PTO
Mount Vernon, WA
11 years 2 months ago #119794 by PTO Mom & Dad
Our school is K-5. We had several members of our high school football team come and do demonstrations of kicking, passing, receiving, and then for 1 ticket, the kids could do it with them. It was a big hit! The football players really did a nice job, wore practice jerseys, brought a PVC goal post, kicking blocks and tees, hula hoops to practice throwing accuracy, etc. The kids lined up for it. We had several middle school kids there who stayed at that one event the whole day.
11 years 2 months ago #119795 by Seth's Mom
What about card making (ya know, like scrapbooking)?

Jewelry making (with string and beads)

Ornament or sun catcher making?
11 years 2 months ago #119796 by yellek
We did outhouse toss (older kids had to make toliet paper into the basketball hoop from little above the free throw line once they made it into the hoop it would drop into the top of the outhouse which is a card board ref box with hole cut into top. the hard part was it had to drop into the hole. not just make the basket) our kids loved it all ages we adjusted shooting range for age.

Also did barn door surprise (off hee haw) where silly string would be sprayed or prize would (wanted to do the pie but not sure some kids could take it) you can adjust prize to different things like one time bookmarker, ring etc. i just tried to make it different. Kids want the sill string sprayed at them.

Gold Fish pond where they get live fish.

Grand Prize game (bozo show) they liked the bigger prizes at the last bucket. Some tried till they got it.

Wheel Spin (kinda like wheel of fortune) that there is differnt number then had to get the prize out of the box (i did prizes in box so they didn't know what they where and would have to keep trying)

The Plinko is popular this year and last.

This year carnival which just got done 2 wks ago made 8000 itself.

Good Luck everyone remember the key is FUN
11 years 2 months ago #119797 by mom2m&a
We have a couple of new games for older kids this year at our carnival. One is the "ratapoult". A husband made a catapoult out of a block of wood and some stuff from home depot (no clue how to describe it). It flings life-like rats into a box. Our other one is giant blowup bowling pins that you get to knock over with a ball. We also have a big inflatable obstacle course and an inflatable jousting arena. These work for both older and younger kids. Then there's the always popular dunk tank - this year the principal is sitting in for half an hour!

11 years 2 months ago #119798 by C. Brooks
Toilet paper toss was very popular with the older kids when we were K-5. The pres's dad made it. It is pretty easy to store and the pattern seemed simple. used to have some pretty good games. I wished I could think of that other page I had marked before the crash.

I'd love to have Plinko. We are planning to do a winter festival in Feb. if the powers that be approve. We are a 5/6 school. I think the kids would like that. Another thing I have in mind is having a "Wildcat Shop." Having spirit items along with fun school supplies that the kids can browse and buy.

Here are some other things I can think of:

*When I was in high school we had spring flings. I think different clubs had different things. One was a palm reading booth. We thought that was a hoot.
*Pie throwing contest? Don't know how expensive that is. You could sell chances for them to win a pie to throw at a favorite teacher.
*One year at the elementary we had hula lessons. It was for a Hawiaan themed Spring Fling but you could do it for pilates, yoga, or Bollywood dancing (I would pay .25 for a short session of that!).
*Characture painting. Not sure what that is called. It is when someone paints your face really big with a small body. Perhaps you have an art teacher or talented parent that could do that.
*Guess how many. When is your carnival? If it is close to Thanksgiving you could put cranberries in a jar and have the students to guess how many are in there. Holly berries around Christmas, etc.
*We have a card making machine at the elementary but you could do this with posters too. The kids like to get cards made with different slogans like "Best Friends" or something catchy. They even had fake DLs one year.
*One year we did our prize walk during the day for beanie babies. The older kids like that too.
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