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Basket Raffle Ideas.. Need Help!!

9 years 10 months ago #128821 by lbs1
This is my first year Chairing the Spring Fling Dance. The person who usually runs this event backed out last minute and it kind of fell in my lap if I don't do it then we won't have one and I can't see that happening!!! This is my first year in the orginization and my first year attending any school events so I am totally lost!!!

I need Classroom basket ideas!!! Also, how do you run the raffle? How much do you charge per ticket? We have 550 kids in the school but not sure how many families attend the event. Also, is it a waste of time to try to get corporate donations? Our local business' have been very generous thus far!!!
Thank you for any help!!
9 years 10 months ago #128826 by TLGinTN
Hey! I highly suggest you check out the "Tools" section of this website. There is a whole section on "Auction help". There is a page of possible donations for auctions, which will help you with your raffles. I got my list for baskets off of this list. Some of our most popular baskets were:
Cookie Monster - cookie mixes, pans, cutters, etc...
Date Night - filled with tons of gift certificates, movie tickets, etc...
Gift Wrap

Also, there is a good thread on this site that has addresses for Corporate Addresses. I received a lot of donations through this route. It's worth giving it a try.
9 years 10 months ago #128915 by lbs1
I love the basket raffle. For our raffle , we charge one dollar per ticket or six tickets for five dollars.We have had corporate donations, some of the best turn out to be from Mary Kay , Tastefully Simple, Avon, Pampered Chef and Creative Memories reps. We have done themes such as Sports(favorite local college/pro sports team or all sporting goods),Movie night(candy, popcorn,and gift card to rent movies), gift card basket(all denominations of gift cards from everywhere...very popular)Crayola Basket, Disney Basket,Game Night Basket(all different board games ans snacks)...You could do a Think Sping basket and fill it with bulbs , pottery,any landscape tools, a sundial! I hope these ideas help and good luck!!!
9 years 10 months ago #128917 by ohiomommieof4
When we did our basket auction--we did a silent auction. It turned out nice. We assigned each grade level a couple themes and made baskets from what they brought in

pet baskets
art baskets
movie night basket
disney basket
tool basket
teacher basket
I got alot of ideas from these boards
9 years 10 months ago #128919 by Shawn
I'm doing a book basket (ie reading) any ideas for items to go along with the books inside?

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9 years 10 months ago #128922 by CrewChief
When I do a book basket, I like to include a book light and bookmarks. Is it for a kid or an adult? For a kid you could include a stuffed animal or such that matches the subject of the books. For adults I like to include a tea cup and tea bags (since I love to have a hot cup of tea when I curl up with a book!)

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