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Donuts with Dad

9 years 4 months ago #136178 by 1919
Has anyone done the donuts with dad or muffins with mom? If so, could you explain a few things for me. Do you invite all the kids to the breakfast? Or just the ones that bring their dad? What about the kids who don't have a dad? Can they bring grandpa, step father, uncle, etc.? And the same would work for the muffins with mom. If it is only the kids with dads. What do you do with the other kids in the school? It sound like a good idea with bringing a book to share and then donating the book to the school. I just hate to see kids left out. Thanks for you help.

9 years 4 months ago #136217 by Shawn
We always did Donuts with Dad (then include Grandfather, Uncle, Male Guardian, etc in the tagline) as not to exclude anyone (same goes for Muffins with Mom just change the gender :D )

Some do just Donuts/ Muffins as a social event (your goal is just to get parents involved)

Some do alongside (ie bring/read a book, cangoods)

IMO the simpler the better - I think they both should just be a social (and maybe here's what the PTA/O's and school do and why parental involvement is important) not a fundraiser/ collection of any sort.

IMO school and PTA/O's should foster community/ parental socialization/ education as well as involvment - this event could fit 1- 2- or 3 ideas

Some RSVP (as to get a food count) and some dont

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9 years 4 months ago #136218 by pals
We did our first Donuts with Dad this past June and it had over 300 people come. We allow any child with any male, infact we did have a couple of females as well.
We do it just as a social event from 7:30-8:30 and we did do a RSVP since it was our first year but I think we will continue with that as well. It is an easy event that sends a message to that male involvement, we actually had our vp in charge of it and HE gave a little talk about getting involved!

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9 years 4 months ago #136491 by need ideas
I know this is just the beginning of the year, but being a new PTA president this, I am looking for new ideas. A lot of which I already received thanks to you. What I am trying to figure out is when it is time to plan a fifth grade graduation ceremony, what has anyone done in the past?
8 years 9 months ago #142234 by need ideas
We had a program called Cookies and Cocoa, but we are working on changing the name to be more health concious since they don't really eat cookies. I like the donuts with dad and muffins with mom, but we aim to get both parents and younger siblings to come. I need name ideas for this program to have both parents involved.
8 years 9 months ago #142261 by dlf
Val--hold a dance--they are easy to do in the gym or activity room, you can get a DJ for 300 dollars and order in pizzas. Voila--instant event. Of course there are other things you can do as well--we held a Monster Mash after our Fall Festival (which included games and Trunk or Treat). The kids had a blast and the parents both came and could socialize easily.

As to DwD--we too allow "other siginificant adult men" never close it to younger siblings (although that is not as prevelant as it is in MwMom. We put out games and cards and chess--set up the book cart and have the music playing.
Look at having a couple of coffee pots and since they pull so much electricity make sure you don't blow a fuse.
Set everything up the night before (of course leave the donuts in their boxes.
Lots of seating--and have a plan for where backpacks should go and how you are going to dismiss everyone after the event.
Have a parking plan. Our DwD and MwM routinely draw over 450 folks. They can be huge.
At the end we sell off any left over donuts at cost and there you go...instant fun!
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