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art show family fun night

7 years 10 months ago #148379 by tigley25
I am heading a family fun night the theme is an Art show. I have not come up with much on the idea front. I am so stuck and dont have much time to come up with anything. Our fun night is April 2 and we have spring break coming up too. I need any suggestions on how to make this one of the best art shows. I would like to show many different forms of, pictures, drawing etc. Any help would be great. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help.
7 years 10 months ago #148479 by deserae
You sure don't have much time. Is there already art in the halls from the students? Our teachers have the students work on art all year and then display it in the halls for our Arts-N-Tarts. Families can walk the halls looking at the displays and then have dessert in the cafeteria. We have 6 or 7 items for raffle and several baskets for silent auction. Each classroom chooses a theme and items for the baskets are donated by the families the week before. The PTO put the baskets together making a list of the items. Then we spread the baskets out on cafeteria tables and put a bid sheet next to the itemized list. We also have our Book Fair in the Gym. You probably don't have time for all of that, but maybe you could use the ideas.
Maybe you could have people judge some of the art.
7 years 10 months ago #148482 by Carri
How about letting students create their own art. If you can do it outside, section off a square with tape and then register each kids' square. Kids can then create chalk art.

Or have craft areas.
Card making

Talk with high school students to see what can be accomplished!
7 years 10 months ago #148495 by LUVMYKIDS
Are you talking art in general or are you going to showcase the art of your students? You could do both and one of your best resources would be your school's art and music teachers. They would probably be happy to help since many times the music and art depts are kind of forgotten. In elementary we even had the music teacher come to a PTO meeting and tell us about what happens in her classroom, and then she did a little demo/performance with some of the children who had come with their parents that night.

If you have a local art guild, or college in your community, you could utilize them too. They might be willing to provide demonstrations of different art mediums. Also, look at your high school for some students who might be willing to earn some community service hours helping families make some art projects, learn dance, try out musical instruments, or even perform. If you're serving food, think how nice it might be to have a string quartet or brass ensemble playing in that area.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
6 years 6 months ago #154044 by ladylaw26
We had our first one last year. Our art teacher is shared among two schools. We get her for one semester, then the other school, etc. Luckily, we had her for the first semester last year. She picks out the top five winners in each class for display in a county wide art show in a school in town (30 minutes away) each year. I thought, how about the kids that don't win? And what about the families that can't drive all that way to see the art? SO, we planned an art show. All of the students picked one of their favorite pieces from the semester. Our lunch tables fold up, so we folded them up and put black poster roll on them. The artwork was taped to the black paper. We had a lot more show up than I really expected. We combined it with a Kindergarten performance afterward. It was really nice to see families supporting their kids and school.
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