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Last Day of School ideas

6 years 11 months ago #152471 by Dena
Previously our Booster Club has hosted the last day of school. We have rented out inflatables for the past several years but this year we are not going to be going with that route this year.

I am wondering what any of you all do for the last day of school, whether it be Booster Club sponsored or not.

It is going to be tough to beat out our previous inflatables but we are looking to spend less money than the 1,000 bucks we spent last year.

Anyone have any fabulous ideas out there for me? We have approx 350 kids ranging from K-5th grades.

6 years 11 months ago #152472 by jeannette henson
For the last day of school, we have a recognition day for students and invite the parents. We give out awards for perfect attendance, grades, most improved, fitness challenge, and good character. Of course the options are unlimited. It's a great way to end the school year.
6 years 11 months ago #152474 by Dena
Thanks for that idea! Our school usually holds an assembly ceremony the day prior to the last day of school.

Once upon a time our school allowed each classroom or grade to plan their own end of the year activity, such as one class went to the park for the day, another chose to go roller skating, but now we try to focus on having all the kids on campus, instead of bussing them around everywhere.

So I guess I should rephrase that I am looking for a large fun activity for kids to do on campus and preferably outside.

We do have different stations set up with little games such as a whipped cream pie eating race, relay races, hoolahoop contests etc....but we were trying to come up with some more creative and bigger scale something or other to take place of our now defunct inflatables.......
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