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food drive themes and ideas

6 years 5 months ago #154389 by meredithstarr
Our school, along with the 3 other elementary schools in our county, is conducting a food drive from Nov. 1 thru mid December. As coordinator for all schools, I'm trying to think of weekly themes to encourage students to bring specified items. I have some basic ideas, but I've hit a road block. Any suggestions would be MUCH, MUCH appreciated.

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Kilough Elem.
6 years 4 months ago #154464 by Past Prez
I'm not sure if these ideas are what you're after, but perhaps if nothing else, they may spark an idea for you. Good luck!

"Share your snacks" request snack items (fruit snacks, peanut butter & cracker packages, etc)

"Bring in your least favorite food"

Have the class that brings in the most food one week choose a future request

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"

Cookie week (either packaged cookies or ingredients to bake them)
6 years 4 months ago #154465 by Anonymous
We attach our food drive to the Thanksgiving holiday, and it directly benefits our many school families in need.
6 years 4 months ago #154466 by C-
1 year we competed against another school in the district. The school that lost the competition had the principal dress in the other schools school spirit clothes.
We have also had the student to bring in the most cans gets to cream a pie in the principals face at an assembly. We also have classrooms compete for something special (extra recess, party)
6 years 4 months ago #154467 by Rockne
Hi Guys -

Hope you'll all connect with . It's a brand new non-profit dedicated to all things regarding school food drives. The kit has tons of great ideas and planning tools and posters and the like. And the Facebook page for Schools Serve is also a great place for connecting with others.

Finally, Schools Serve is also tallying the results of all school food drives this school year. Hope you'll add your results to the count.

Tim Sullivan
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Founder, Schools Serve

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6 years 4 months ago #154468 by anonymous
Together we "can" is cute. How about doing a "Twelve days of Christmas" type theme? Or maybe " 'Tis the Seasonings" for Thanksgiving?
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