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Basket Auction Ideas

10 years 7 months ago #79195 by JennyJune
I have heard several people talking about the Baskets they do for fundraising. I have thought about adding a Basket Raffle aspect to our Annual Silent Auction this coming fall... I would love to hear peoples ideas on Themed Baskets!

Thanks in advance!
10 years 7 months ago #79196 by Debbie Tryzbiak
I just found a whole bunch of ideas for baskets here. I was checking out the Plus Membership tools. If you click on the Learn how Plus can help line, then the bonus tools line on the next page, then the "suggested auction items" under Sample Forms & Tools, you'll find a ton of ideas. You'll also find donation letters and thank you letters and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Can you tell how much I love this place?!!! :D
10 years 7 months ago #79197 by Myrna
The bad thing about that is that you need to be a mamber, and some of us don't have the extra money to be a mamber of anything that cost money. It all needs to be free.
10 years 7 months ago #79198 by Jenn R.
There is lots of free information on this site. Click on "search message boards" to the left of the screen. Type in "basket ideas" or "auction themes" or "themed baskets", you'll get so many posts with answers already.
10 years 7 months ago #79199 by ahputts
We just did our carnival and some baskets.

We had an entertainment basket, it had buckets of popcorn, a gift card to a local movie rental place, some pop, and candy.

Another was a handmade quilt that a lady made and we included a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

We had a painted feather. It's a turkey feather that is painted with something on it, ours had a hawk, and then it was matted and framed.

We had a Spirit Wear basket, we included a sweatshirt, t-shirt, sweatpants and a gift card to the local dance studio.

And then we had a basket full of different kinds of coffee, nice travel mugs, coffee cups, and a gift certificate to a coffee shop.

All of the items were donated all we paid for were some baskets and clear wrap to make them pretty.

Off the top of my head, you could put together a Spa basket, with makeup donated from local Avon or Mary Kay reps, a gift card to a spa for a manicure and/or pedicure.

Games basket, full of family fun games and maybe some tickets to a local amusement park.

Have a great time and hope you find some more info.
10 years 7 months ago #79200 by dlf
Here is a repost of something I took from this site. We just had our auction and made over 2000. Not the exact same as below but we didn't have 315 baskets either ...d

We had great success with our theme basket auction! We had each classroom do a basket and then opened it up to families and the community. We has 315 baskets valued between $75.00 and 125.00. I was so much fun! Here are some of our themes:

1. Arts and Crafts: Paint, Markers, Crayons, Scissors, Easel, Construction Paper, Craft Kits...

2. Movie Night: Popcorn, DVD's, Gift Cards to Blockbuster, Big Pillows....

3. Baking Basket: Cookie Cutters, Cookie Sheets, Pot Holders, Cookbooks, Rolling Pin, Measuring Cups...

4. Day at the Pool: Floats, Sunscreen, Flip Flops, Pool Toys, Beach Towels...

5, Pasta Basket: Various Pastas, Pasta Bowl, Colander, Pasta Sauces, Gift Card to Italian Rest....

6. Ice Cream Basket: Ice Cream Toppings, Bowls, Gift Catd to Ice Cream Parlor...

7. Christmas: Ornaments, Christmas Cards, Wrapping Paper, Decorations....

8. Wrapping Basket: Tape, Scissors, Wrapping Paper, Cards, Bows, Ribbon...

9. Coffee: Coffee Pot, Coffee, Mugs, Coffee Grinder, Tim Horton Gift Card, Mug Mats, Mug Warmer....

10. Lottery Basket: Lots of Lottery Tickets and we made it into a tree- These were brought in by the staff.

11. Dog Basket: Dog Biscuits, Bones, Dog Bed, Dog Toys, Leash, Collar, Gift Card to Pet Store...

12. Stationary Basket: Stamps, Journal, Note Cards, Cards, Pens....

13. Game Basket: Board Games, Card Games, Puzzles....

14. Harry Potter Basket: Anything Harry Pottter
We had books, hat, bookmarkers, toys, puzzles, mug,,

15. Disney Basket: Anything Disney
Games, Movies, Toys...

16. Gardening Basket:
Shovel, WheelBarrow, Seeds, Bulbs, Watering Can, Kneeling Pad, Hat, Garden Book, Pots, Gift Certificate to a Garden Center...

17. Tools:
Hammer, Screws, Drill, Safety Goggles, Wrench, Socket Set, How to Books....

18. School Supplies:
Paper, Pencils, Notebooks, Crayons, Markers, Scissors, Colored Pencils...

19. Book Basket:
Any kind of Childrens Books, Book Markers, Gift Card to Book Store...

20. Book Basket:
Any kind of Adult Book, Gift Certificate to Book Store, Reading Lamp- Staff did this basket.

21. Pamper Me Basket :
Bath Products, Tub Pillow, Relaxing Music, Gift Certificate to Nail Manicure or Message....

22. Sports Basket: Sports Tickets, Water Bottles, Bat, Ball, Hats, Golf Balls, Tees, Folding Chair...

23. Candle Basket: Various Candles, Lighter, Candle Holders...

24. Snack Attack: Chips, Nuts, Bowls, Gift Certificates for Pizza, Candy....

25. Chocolate Lovers Basket:
Any kind of chocolate candy, hot chocolate, Gift Certificates to Candy Shop....

We found parents really liked to get gift cards- Many classes we made 2 or 4 baskets per class. We supplied each student with a letter (class specific and with additional ideas) and we also had a landry basket in each room for collection. We had 2 weeks to bring in items- teachers would call when their baskets were full!

I had a team of 8 people who came in and we made 103 in one day- we packed the baskets, cellophaned with a shrink wrap gun, and added bows!

We then continued to make additional baskets with items from school families and the community!
We were able to make over $24,000.00 on our theme basket event! Good Luck!

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