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6 years 6 months ago #154060 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Has your group run a Go Green Night ? What activities did your group run? What activities did kids like or dislike? Any creative ideas you can share?


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6 years 5 months ago #154116 by PKS
We ran a Go Green night last march & it was a big hit. Our suggestion would be to not over do it with activities because 1/its hard to get people to volunteer to man them all and 2/its just not necessary. just pick a few from the kit and maybe one of your own. We got recycled materials donated froma nearby co and restaurant and had a recycled crafts activity in our art room - it was awesome and families loved it.
6 years 2 months ago #155245 by Deb
We are still in the planning phase... I would love to hear what sort of recycled products were donated from companies and restaurants for the craft projects.

We were initially thinking of having those that come BRING a recycled project that they did at home... but I am starting to think that we could have families make their project or "garbage pal" as a family and display on tables in the the hall for a week or so.

Would love to hear more ideas. Thank you!
6 years 2 months ago #155251 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Did you see this slide show of a recycled art program?
It might give you an idea of the types of recycled materials to request.

Also, since you are still in the planning phases could you start a recycled materials drive with in your school now? You could either collect through the classrooms or perhaps have a general bin in your lobby?

Keep us posted on your event!


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5 years 11 months ago #155896 by Susi
We're combining our art night w/Green this year. Still in the planning phases (will happen around Earth Day) but thinking: decorating reusble grocery bags (hopeuflly donated by our local Safeway), large styrofoam/trash sculptures, making it a zero (or super low) trash event and earth/green skits and songs by the differnt grades. Looking into also adding a plant or seed sale as a fundraising component.
5 years 11 months ago #155899 by KathyS
Rather than ask Safeway to donate bags--they then become waste all over again--start collecting your own. Our school is currently collecting grocery bags and other resin class 2 & 4 plastics in a competition with two other schools to win a bench donated/made by TREX, the company than makes composite plastic decking. Since Sept. we've collected over 13,000 pieces. Just think of what they would've looked like blowing through the woods, floating in the creeks, and not decomposing in the landfill.
We're also involved with and their website and FB page have great ideas and photos of what to do with recycled materials. Good luck:-)
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