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Sign-up sheets, orientation packets, contact forms, and more to help PTO and PTA leaders effectively involve parent volunteers.

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Contributed by Paul Zettler.
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Contributed by Paul Zettler.
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We keep these sheets on an orange clip board in the school office. Volunteers sign in whenever they come into the school. We stress them signing in several times a year through newsletters, etc.
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Form given to event coordinators giving them info to get started and suggestions of what to include in their wrap up report
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Event log for each event we host. Logs are used for next year's events so we are not reinventing the tasks over and over again. We see what works, and what doesn't. Have used this log for elementary school and middle school PTA events. Keep them in a binder in our PTA closet for anyone to utilize. Good luck.
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Grid-style volunteer shift form with a block for each hour.
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Detailed form used at start of year to survey parents (both!) as to how they might help at school.
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Forms were mounted on poster board and displayed with a flyer in the school foyer so parents could sign up for shifts. Could be used for other events.
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This is an excel workbook, which you can use to enter your guests, funds received, and track expenses of multiple persons for a dance. This workbook
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Customizable volunteer list with sample volunteer survey form in excel format
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This manual is given to all school volunteers and includes expectations of volunteers and practical information on where things are located.
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Exchange note between Class Moms
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"Timesheet" for tracking volunteer hours
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This word document has tables that allow parents to sign up to volunteer during the fall festival.
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Tickets are distributed after meetings to parents
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2 Hour Power Spread Sheet
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This is a volunteer sign-up form for volunteers to complete at home & return. Lists every volunteer opportunity throughout the year.
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In an effort to fill our open board positions for next year I wrote this and emailed it to incoming 6th, 7th and 8th grade parents. The timing works s
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Room Parent Handbook
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Colorful and customizable name badges (8 per page) to use at meetings and events.
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