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These are the buses from btfe clipart and can be put on Avery labels. I stick them on the small white flashlights from Oriental Trading.
Downloads: 459
This is a Goal Thermometer we will be using this school year.
Downloads: 872
This flyer has a list of products with bonus box tops attached for the summer/back-to-school promotion.
Downloads: 281
New improve version with "Boys vs Girls" tabs, updated calculator, up to 30 classes per grade.
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This is a great way to count to 50 Box Tops when you are preparing your shipment. I printed mine on card stock and then laminated at Staples for $2.No
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Our school's September Box Tops Flyer.
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BTFE and LFE intro
Downloads: 2424 hot icon
BTFE and LFE intro to programs
Downloads: 4282 hot icon
BTFE and LFE welcome letter with promotions, directions, and products.
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Current eBoxTops and Labels for Education promotions
Downloads: 487
Promotions for Box Tops for Education 8-24-2012. Promotions change as time goes on, so this might not say accurate for very long.
Downloads: 308
Flyer that lists marketplace retailers for your parents, teachers, staff and community. This will help some to realize all the retailers involved in
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Reading Room
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Help keep track of box tops counts for the month and year by class. Makes it real easy on yourself to which class wins by month or by year
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Reminder to order holiday cards online through BTFE (NOTE: This service is no longer offered through Box Tops for Education)
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Flyer for parents to explain EBoxTops and how to register to start earning eBoxTops for your school
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Editable Word Document to promote online Christmas shopping.
Downloads: 516
eBoxTops flyer
Downloads: 473

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