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Letters, guidelines, and other information for seeking direct donations and grants.

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Sample letter requesting donations of merchandise for a silent auction. It may be customized for different types of fundraisers.
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Sample letter asking for a business donation to a fun run event. The letter may be customized for different types of events.
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Our school has a Mobile App that we sell sponsorships on to make money and this flyer is given to local businesses to see if they want to participate.
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An editable letter to send to businesses that donate goods or services to your parent group.
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This file contains signs that we attached to a large collection jug and display at every event.
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"got Spirit?" themed Thank You letter to Merchant for donating services/discounts for the Membership Drive.
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This is a "got Spirit?" themed agreement for donation. They donated discounts for a fundraiser type card that was given to members after they signed
Downloads: 507
Had Merchants donate services, similar to a Fundraising Card, but instead of selling them as fundraisers, gave them to the PTA Members that signed up
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Post this sheet on your site or distribute as a reference of the type of items that you would love to include in your auction!
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Use this Gifts-In-Kind donation form for all of your secured donations.
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Collection of 414 pages from corporate donors forum I basically cut n pasted the donors names, addresses etc.
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Ryan Elementary Flat Donation drive letter and form
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For those who have received AirTran tickets, I used this to put out for our auction. It purposely does not reveal the certificate numbers.
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letter soliciting advertisements for yearbook
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Customizable form to collect underwriting support from organizations for your PTO or PTA auction event.
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One of several forms posted here for a Fun Run done at a middle school
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This is a sample of our Budget Request Form. I've seen these also referred to as Teacher Grant Request Forms.
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This resource came from the website it is it filled with useful inform for start-ups and and grant info
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