• Social Media for Parent Groups

    Facebook Guidelines Template for PTOs and PTAs

    Use and modify our template to help boost your social media presence—and reduce stress.

  • 2 Hour Power

    The Power of Just 2 Hours

    Scratch "not enough volunteers" off your list of back-to-school stressors. Our newly updated 2 Hour Power volunteer pledge program has all the steps and tools you need to build your volunteer base—2 hours at a time.

  • Family Tech Talk Night

    October Is Antibullying Month

    And it’s also National Cyber Security Awareness Month! Download our free kit to plan a Family Tech Talk Night at your school in October.

  • Family Science Night

    Is the Next STEM Superstar at Your School?

    Plan a Family Science Night and find out! Preorder our free kit and get instructions, promotional materials, and more.

  • Family Tech Talk Night

    Time To Talk Tech at School

    Help parents and kids talk (IRL) about the importance of good digital citizenship. Preorder our free Family Tech Talk Night kit.

  • Family Arts & Crafts Night

    Plan a Family Arts & Crafts Night

    Download our free Family Arts & Crafts Night kit to get lots of easy and fun craft ideas for families, plus promotional materials and more.