• Family Science Night

    Is the Next STEM Superstar at Your School?

    Plan a Family Science Night and find out! Download our free kit and get instructions, promotional materials, and more.

  • Family Tech Talk Night

    Time To Talk Tech at School

    Help parents and kids talk (IRL) about the importance of good digital citizenship. Download our free Family Tech Talk Night kit.

  • Family Arts & Crafts Night

    Plan a Family Arts & Crafts Night

    Download our free Family Arts & Crafts Night kit to get lots of easy and fun craft ideas for families, plus promotional materials and more.

  • Finance & Budget

    Need Help Managing Your Group's Finances?

    With Finance Manager software, now any parent volunteer can easily manage funds, customize a budget, and monitor spending. Try a free 30-day trial today!
  • PTO Insurance

    Wondering About Parent Group Insurance?

    Questions about insurance coverage for your PTO or PTA? OurĀ insurance checklist for new leaders can help make things less complicated.
  • Playgrounds

    The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Great Playground

    Creating a new school playground (or adding to an existing one) is a large project. Our free guide will help you navigate fundraising, vet vendors, and more.
  • Free Carnival Planning Guide

    Carnival Planning Guide for PTOs and PTAs

    Our complete school carnival and fair planning guide for PTOs includes everything you need to create a winning event for your school community. (Free; registration required.)