As if we weren't already totally pumped for our 2012 PTO Today Expos, now we have a really fun give-away t-shirt to add to the mix!  Congrats to Karen Shore, whose fun phrase was chosen by Facebook community members -- seen on the t-shirt to the right.

Thanks to all who participated and voted in the contest. We couldn't have done it without you.  It was a tough decision between Karen's and the other two slogans, submitted by Lisa Singeisen and Jennifer Leach! We were just relieved that we didn't have to make the final call.

We also had a random drawing for 5 free t-shirts, and Kathi Moore and Carrie Hirmer are the lucky winners for this drawing. Congrats!

If you haven't already visited our PTO Expo page, be sure to pop over and register. Take advantage of the early bird special and you'll automatically entered for a chance to win $250 worth of merchandise for your school.

Do you have any photos from the 2011 PTO Expos? We'd love it if you shared them on our Facebook page!