Spring activities are underway and volunteers may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work that needs to be done. Here are few stories in the news this week that you might find uplifting:

Talents shows: If you are about to run a talent show, chances are you are a little stressed. So, imagine how the show organizers at one elementary school in Bettendorf, Iowa, must have felt when, immediately following a rousing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’’ number, a little boy went on stage to share his talent: presidential trivia. But instead of bombing, this little guy stole the show with ad libs and a funny puppet routine. Hopefully, the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Talent Show story will inspire you!

Walking, Running to Raise Funds: Many PTOs are organizing walk-a-thons and 5K walks at this time of year. The parent group at Ridgeview Elementary School in Gray, Tenn., just held its annual “Raptor Run,’’ raising $5,000. The PTO posted a video of the event, and seeing the kids chugging along the track will make you smile. The group reports it will use the funds for new playground equipment and supplies for teachers.

Helping Students at Science Fairs: Parent volunteers from the high school and middle school in Nordonia Hills, Ohio, stepped up to help students win a slot in the state-wide Science Olympiad competition that will be held later this month. The parents had pitched in to help the student in previous years, but this year they also had to take over for paid faculty advisors who had been lost to budget cuts.