Is it worth attending a PTO Today expo? We hear this question a lot!

We can talk about the great exhibitors, free samples, giveaways, and all the fun you’ll have, but we know you really want to hear from other parent group leaders who have attended.

This very question was posted in our private Facebook group, so we wanted to share the highlights and encourage anyone thinking about attending to check out the thread.

Jenny Williams Stead posted the original question:

And what a response she received! At last count, the discussion had 35-plus comments from people who have attended in the past, and many who are returning this spring.

Here are a few highlights from people who gave us permission to share.

lots of info and fresh ideas

quick information trainings to meeting vendors to receiving boatloads of freebies

so many ideas, so much info

great, great, great!

If you’re thinking about attending an Expo and wondering whether it’s worth the time, take a few minutes to read the full discussion. The Facebook group is closed, which means you’ll need to join it to see the discussion thread. It’s easy, and we approve new members quickly. (And if you want to leave the group after reading this thread, that is A-OK—no pressure!)

Join the Facebook group to see what previous attendees are saying about the Expos.

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