PTO Today Clip Art Gallery

Make your flyers and newsletters more colorful with free clip art from PTO Today! You can download any or all of these high-resolution image files, then resize, crop, or edit them in any way that works for your group's needs. They're free for parent group use in print, online, or anywhere else.

Note: Commercial usage not allowed. Intended for use by parent groups and schools for print and electronic materials, not commercial entities.

To download, click on an image to load the pop-up viewer, then click the yellow "download" button and save to your computer.

Popular Clip Art: Inspiring Quotes | Event Logos
Walkathon / Jogathon 1 Walkathon / Jogathon 2 Website Welcome 1 Welcome 2
Welcome 3 Welcome 4 Welcome Back 1 Welcome Back 2 Welcome Back 3
Welcome Packet "When schools, families, and community groups work..." "When the effective leader is finished..." Wine Night Winterfest
"Wisdom begins in wonder" Yearbook 1 Yearbook 2 Yearbook 3 Yearbook 4
"You can accomplish much..." "You know the only people who are always sure..." "You make a living..." "You're never too old, too wacky, too wild..." HSA logo black
HSA logo black 2 HSA logo blue HSA logo blue 2 HSA logo green HSA logo green 2
HSA logo red HSA logo red 2 PCC logo black PCC logo black 2 PCC logo blue
PCC logo blue 2 PCC logo green PCC logo green 2 PCC logo red PCC logo red 2
PTC logo black PTC logo black 2 PTC logo blue PTC logo blue 2 PTC logo green
PTC logo green 2 PTC logo red PTC logo red 2 PTO logo black PTO logo black 2