PTO Today Clip Art Gallery: Fundraising

Auction 1 Auction 2 Auction 3 Auction Basket Auction Gavel
Bake Sale Bake Sale Platter Bake Sale Table Bingo Night 1 Bingo Night 2
Bingo Night 3 Carnival Raffle Tickets Cartridge Collection Casino Night Chocolate
Class Photo Color Run 1 Color Run 2 Color Run 3 Concession Stand
Cookie Cookie Jar Duct-tape the Principal Fun Run 1 Fun Run 2
Fun Run 3 Fund Run Fundraising 1 Fundraising 2 Holiday Fundraiser
Jogathon Live Auction Caller Mardi Gras Mask Menu Muffins With Mom 1
Pizza Restaurant Fundraiser Restaurant Fundraising Night Restaurant Night Silent Auction 1
Silent Auction 2 Silent Auction 3 Silent Auction 4 Silent Auction 5 Snack Bar
Walkathon 1 Walkathon 2 Walkathon 3 Walkathon/ Jogathon 1 Walkathon/ Jogathon 2