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Back2School $1,000 Prize Winner Revealed; Plans for 2013 Contest Underway!

February 20th, 2013 by

We are happy to announce the Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is the winner of our Back2School 2012 $1,000 Vacation Giveaway!

The school plans to use their $1,000 travel gift certificate at an upcoming auction as part of a gift basket. As part of last year’s Back2School program, we held a photo contest and awarded a participating school with a $1,000 travel gift certificate. We invited all participants to send in photos of their back-to-school event and we chose the best photo.

Winning Photo! Virginia Shuman Young parents loved the Back2School Parent Packs!

The school told us that our annual Back2School program made a big difference in their back-to-school event. They described it as turning a “normally dull routine volunteer meeting into something fun and interesting for all!” The group also said that when they handed out the gift packs “it came as quite a happy surprise to the parents to be given something fun, useful, and free.’’

And guess what? We plan to offer a $1,000 prize as part of the 2013 Back2School program! We’d love to hear your suggestions for what would be a good giveaway. It should be valued at $1,000 and something a parent group could use or offer to its families. Thoughts?

You can sign up for this year’s Back2School program here.

Designed to help parent groups do a great job kicking off the school year, the Back2School program provides groups with a variety of tools to help them make a great first impression on parents at back-to-school time, including:

  • Copies of our 2013 issue of Jump In! magazine for parents, featuring articles and tips as well as high value coupons (check out a few articles from last year’s issue here);
  • Helpful back to school tools, such as social media tips for back to school, back-to-school involvement tips, an annual PTO planning calendar;
  • A colorful parent involvement poster to hang at school;
  • The chance to receive parent gift packs full of samples and offers from family-friendly brands.

Program participation is free, but space is limited. Learn more and sign up now by here.

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  1. Online Fundraiser Says:

    Congratulations to the Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School! What a great idea to get volunteers and parents motivated for the school year!

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