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fundraisers - PTO Today Q&A

...Some group's do really well with a traditional fundraiser like wrapping paper, magazine or cookie dough, while others bring in substantial funds from a community-driven carnival or special event (like an auction or special supper). What's key is to figure out what your school is best suited for. This article on selecting a fundraiser  could be helpful to you. Good luck and let us know how you make out! Report Abuse Nonsense Spam Community Advice firefighter464 writes: I have found that BoxTops for Education is often overlooked as an easy fundraiser. Afterall, it is essentially having people donate their trash to you for cash! (Instead of, in this sour economy, asking for any actual $ from anyone.) How to make it successful? well, from experience I can tell you that it takes only a broad creative look at who uses BoxTops items and how you can get them to save them for you. Bigger philanthropic-minded groups = more easy $. In addition, look towards motivating factors. Yes, it is a nuis...