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What a winter it was for us in northwest Connecticut. Our Catholic Schools' Week was supposed to be the week where our family event took place, but mother nature had other plans. We knew when we got the call about an early dismissal on Monday morning that we would most likely not be in school on Tuesday. This would mean that our Family Game Night would be canceled as well.
As students left the building, we told them that our Family Game Night would be the same time and place the following Tuesday. Many sad faces walked by as we told them the new of the cancellation. Waiting another week was a difficult task for anxious kids.
The following Tuesday came much quicker than we had anticipated. Students excitement for a night of fun was at an all time high on Monday in school. What they didn't realize was that they would have another snow day that Tuesday too. This also meant that Family Game Night would have to be changed again.
It was clear that Mother Nature was getting the best of us. We decided that rather testing her again, we would wait until Spring. The wait until Spring seemed pretty endless.
Finally, we made a date for the Family Game Night. The cafeteria was decorated with streamers and balloons, banners and signs. Kids' eyes lit up when they came in the doors. There were games everywhere, as far as the eye could see. Kids were so excited they didn't know where to begin.
Sadly, since we had to change the evening so many times, we did not get as many families as we had hoped. Those families that were there, left that night with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. We knew that after scheduling this event 3 times, that we would have a wonderful time no matter what.
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