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  • An End for Campbell’s Labels for Education Program

    The Campbell Soup Company announced today that its long-running Labels for Education Program will be coming to an end due to declining participation. 

    New school signups will not be accepted after July 31, according to the announcement. Schools with banked points will be able to redeem them at least through Aug. 1, 2017.

    “For the past 42 years, Campbell has proudly offered Labels for Education, which has contributed more than $110 million in school supplies to tens of thousands of schools across the U.S.,” the company wrote in an email. “During the past year, we've been assessing the impact of these programs and through this, we've seen that participation in Labels for Education has declined considerably. Sadly, it is at the point where we have no choice but to make the very difficult decision to wind down the program.” No changes have been made to the LFE program in Canada.

    For now, the U.S. program will continue as usual, and schools without an account can still sign up; the current bonus offer calendar remains in effect until July 31, 2016.

    The first changes take effect Aug. 1. As of that date, only previously registered schools with active accounts will be able to participate. In addition, only products with the LFE logo will be eligible for points, rather than UPC codes from the more extensive list of “participating products.” 

    The company also noted in the email that products will no longer carry the LFE logo starting in mid-2016; as such, there will most likely be only a limited number of items with the label still in stores through 2017.

    Campbell plans to continue its Grand Stand for Schools sweepstakes in fall 2016 without the Labels for Education UPC entry requirement. Details will be posted at

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  • Target To End Redcard School Donation Program

    For years, Target has focused its corporate giving on education. That’s about to change. The company announced this week that it will begin supporting health and wellness efforts instead.

    Target’s Take Charge of Education program will come to an end in May 2016, company officials told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Through the program, customers choose a school to receive 1 percent of purchases they make using a Target Redcard. More than 100,000 schools have benefited from the program, receiving more than $432 million over the last 18 years.

    Although those are big numbers, only 10 percent of Redcard holders signed up for Take Charge for Education and the average yearly donation to schools was $370. To help schools adjust to losing the income, Target will award schools a one-time grant in July. All schools that receive an annual payout in February 2016 will receive a grant. Each school’s one-time grant will amount to about 50 percent of the school’s February check, according to Target spokeswoman Angie Thompson.

    “When that program started, it was incredibly innovative,” chief corporate responsibility officer Laysha Ward told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “There was nothing else like it out there. We just want to continue to innovate.”

    The company will continue to provide field trip grants and support school food pantries through its Meals for Minds program, according to Ward. The new focus on health and wellness is in response to customer input, she said.

    The change in Target’s corporate giving strategy came after the company achieved a goal to give $1 billion for education from 2010 to 2015. The company met the goal in August. In addition to the funds given through the Redcard program, Target helped fund 200 school library makeovers, donated more than 8 million books, and provided $87 million in education grants from local stores.

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