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Helpful ideas and tips to get your PTO or PTA in gear for the new school year. See the Back to School resources page for even more tools and programs.

  • A Super Start to the Year

    Parents may not want more to do, but they do want to support their schools.
  • How To Prioritize PTO and PTA Involvement

    Why parent involvement matters—and how your group can make it a priority.
  • Our Top 10 Must-Have Back-to-School Printables

  • Back-to-School "Survival Kit" for Teachers

    Download our (free) labels and follow some simple steps for a cute and humorous back-to-school memento for your school's teachers.
  • September PTO To Do List

    Get into the swing of things with these suggestions for September parent group activities.
  • 7 Back-to-School Must-Dos

    Spending time on these tasks before school starts will benefit your group all year.
  • Your First PTO Meeting of the Year

    It might only be July, but chances are that your group has at least started thinking about its first meeting. And it’s definitely an important one to think about because if your PTO is like most, it’ll be the most attended meeting of the year. Here’s what I recommend to make sure your meeting goes smoothly—and to encourage folks to attend more of them throughout the year. Let parents know. Be sure to let parents know about your meeting in a variety of ways, and that everyone is welcome to attend. During the weeks leading up to school starting, your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are a good way to get the word out. Be welcoming. Your first meeting is a great chance to make a good impression on many parents. Appoint a “meeting greeter” to do just that as people arrive. Have board members wear name tags and offer them to attendees. Keep conversation positive, and encourage people to share new ideas.  Keep it light. For the purpose of making sure a meeting doesn’t run too long, it’s a good idea to have an agenda. That said, try not to make your first meeting too business-heavy. The beginning of the year is the wrong time to engage in a long debate on the merits of various fundraisers or the best way to handle teacher grants. Add some fun. Making your first meeting fun can do a lot to let potential new volunteers know what their experience in your group would be like. I love these new “human bingo” sheets that get people to open up about things they have in common. Originally posted in 2016 and updated regularly
  • 27 Easy Jobs for PTO Volunteers

    Offering volunteers a range of tasks that can be done fairly simply (and many at their convenience) increases your chances of getting them on board.
  • How To Give an Awesome Back-to-School Speech

    Communicate with parents about your parent group and the importance of involvement; use our tips and sample script to deliver a speech that will make a lasting impression.
  • Get Our Free Back-to-School Facebook Graphics

    We’ve created a series of Facebook graphics you can use and share during back-to-school season, including for back-to-school events, the first day of school, meetings, and volunteer recruitment—plus cover photos for your Facebook page!
  • Get Ready for Back-to-School Night

    Make the most of your open house table to connect with parents.
  • 37 Ridiculously Easy Back-to-School Event Hacks for PTOs

    Make contact with new parents and establish your group as a well-organized, fun, powerhouse resource for the school community.
  • August PTO To Do List

    Start the new school year right with these suggestions for August parent group activities. And if your school year resumes in August, use this same list for July planning.
  • Springtime Back-to-School To Dos for PTOs

    Check off these tasks before the school year ends for an easier start to the fall.
  • Back-to-School Tools for Your Parent Group

    Membership forms, membership cards, business cards, and classroom signs to print and use at the start of the year (or any time) for your PTO, PTA, and other types of parent groups.
  • 27 Ways To Make the PTO Table Pop at Back-to-School

  • Back-to-School Teacher Appreciation Ideas

    Tips and printables to get your teachers’ school year started on a nice note.
  • Back-to-School Ideas for PTO Officers

    Set yourself up for a successful fall with these 31 tips on organization, communication, and more.
  • Plan a Boohoo/Yahoo Breakfast

    Let camaraderie, cheers, and perhaps a few tears kick off your new school year.
  • Back-to-School Supply Lists Made Easier—and Smarter

    TeacherLists creates a better process for schools and parents alike.