Volunteer Manager

Recruiting volunteers just became,
"phew... that was easy!"

With our simple, web-based software you can find and recruit interested volunteers and track volunteers' hours quickly and easily.

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Features and Benefits

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    Recruit and Track Volunteers Easily

    Find and match the right volunteers with the right opportunities

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    Instant Access to Current Information

    • All volunteer information is online
    • Access and update information any time
    • Data from the previous year is in place and ready for you to update
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    School Directory

    • Create your school directory in a matter of minutes
    • Parents can choose to be included
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    Multiple Permission Levels

    • Volunteer Manager allows you have to multiple manager administrators at no additional cost
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    Volunteer Hours Captured

    • Volunteer Manager tracks hours automatically as they are entered
    • Hours can be entered by volunteers or administrators
  • Also:

    Visitor and Volunteer Sign-In

    Visitors and volunteers can sign in and out electronically using a designated computer.

    Easy Email Communication

    The seamless interface between Parent Express Email (PEX) and Volunteer Manager means you can send emails easily and quickly.

    Safe and Secure

    Your data is always protected.

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