2 Hour Power Volunteer Pledge Program

2 Hour Power Volunteer Pledge Program

Volunteer recruitment is often a challenge for parent group leaders, and one that can make or break a PTO’s reputation. Those with enough help have volunteers who become ambassadors, sharing how worthwhile and fun their involvement is with the parent group. It feels like any effort is possible to achieve.

Your PTO or PTA can meet this challenge and turn reluctant parents into enthusiastic volunteers! Using the tools provided in the 2 Hour Power program, your group can encourage involvement, match volunteers to jobs that fit their interests, and strengthen the connection between families and the school. Plus, if you make that volunteer time easy and positive, there’s a great chance those parents will do more.

What’s Inside?

  • Information on how to start a pledge program and how to get volunteers who want to come back.
  • A step-by-step planning checklist to launch your pledge program.
  • A pledge form and parent interest survey.
  • Customizable communication and planning tools including an introductory letter, thank-you email text, and spreadsheets for tracking hours and responses.
  • Volunteer appreciation graphics to use on Facebook and on bulletin boards.

Download the 2 Hour Power volunteer pledge program for free.

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