• Family Arts & Crafts Night

    School Craft Nights That Won’t Break the Bank

    Our free Family Arts & Crafts Night kit includes promotional materials, instructions, supply lists and more for 8 easy, budget-friendly crafts fit for a crowd.

  • Family Tech Talk Night

    20 Ways To Make Family Tech Talk Night Fun

    Following the holidays is a great time to plan a Family Tech Talk Night—and a little humor and fun can go a long way toward boosting attendance and engagement.
  • Family Science Night

    Get Stoked for STEM Night

    Get kids oohing and ahhing about all things science in no time. Our free Family Science Night planning kit includes 25 activities, a video to promote your event on Facebook, a Cool Careers in STEM handout, and more.

  • Community Service

    Community Service Ideas for Middle Schoolers

    Community service for preteens and teens is becoming a a requirement at many middle schools. Here’s how to make that volunteer time really mean something to your child.

  • Before You Plan Your Movie Night...

    Yes, You Do Need That Movie License

    While there’s no such thing as “movie jail,” it's illegal to show a movie without a license—even if you’re not charging admission. Get the scoop.
  • PTO Today Plus

    Join PTO Today Plus!

    Sign up for PTO Today Plus and get instant access to expert guides and digital versions of PTO Today magazine, discounts on products and programs, personalized support from our team of advisors, and much more.

  • Fun Fundraising

    How To Do a PTO Duct Tape Fundraiser

    Everything you need to hold this fun and popular fundraiser: step-by-step video, detailed instructions and photos, and more.

  • Social Media for Parent Groups

    Facebook Guidelines Template for PTOs and PTAs

    Use and modify our template to help boost your social media presence—and reduce stress.

  • Ways PTOs Can Help

    Disaster Relief: How School Parent Groups Can Help

    PTOs and PTAs often want to take action after a hurricane or other major event affects schools in other parts of the country.