• yes, you can!

    Online Voting Tips for PTOs and PTAs

    Coronavirus has suspended many areas of normal PTO life, but making your officer elections virtual can help keep business moving along. (And yes, it's legal!)

  • Connections

    Join Our Facebook Group!

    In these times, staying connected is key. Join our PTO and PTA Leaders & Volunteers Facebook group and instantly chat, share, and connect with leaders like you.
  • Bylaws/Nonprofit
    How Good Are Your PTO Bylaws?

    How Good Are Your PTO Bylaws?

    Home and unable to do your usual PTO work? It could be a good time to do a bylaws review.
  • Free Planning Guide
    End of School Year Guide

    End-of-School-Year Guide for PTOs and PTAs

    Helpful tips and tools for getting organized, wrapping up finances, transitioning new officers, showing appreciation to volunteers and staff, and planning for next year before your school’s summer break.
  • Fun Fundraising

    How To Do a PTO Duct Tape Fundraiser

    Everything you need to hold this fun and popular fundraiser: step-by-step video, detailed instructions and photos, and more.

  • It's Cool To Be Kind

    24 Awesome Ways To Encourage Being Kind at School

    Kindness is cool! And there are lots of easy ways to spread good vibes.

  • Leadership

    Your Toughest Leadership Challenges Tackled

    We asked and you told us—here’s what leaders say are the key ways to strengthen leadership skills.

  • Have Some Fun!

    Ideas for Adult Social Events

    Have some fun with these parent group social events—just for grown-ups!

  • Bylaws/Nonprofit

    Complete Sample Bylaws

    Sample set of PTO bylaws covering a broad range of rules that PTOs typically include—and that we recommend.