• Family Science Night

    Have a Ball at Family Science Night

    Mix and mold everyday ingredients to create your own bouncy balls—just one of many fun, easy, and inexpensive activities included in our free Family Science Night kit. Preorder yours now!

  • Meetings

    19 Ideas for Better PTO and PTA Meetings

    PTO and PTA meetings don’t have to be a drag. Make them more enjoyable with these straightforward steps.

  • New Officers

    New Officer Checklist

    Just elected? Download our new checklist for the important steps you need to take to hit the ground running.

  • Family Tech Talk Night

    Let's Talk About Tech

    With season 2 of 13 Reasons Why out on Netflix and an obsession with Fortnite on the rise, hosting a Family Tech Talk Night for families this fall is more important than ever.

  • Planning for Next Year

    7 Tasks for New PTO Presidents

    Checklist of tasks for newly elected presidents to take care of before the end of the school year.

  • Art Enrichment Ideas

    10 Ways To Bring Art Appreciation to Students

    Painting, drawing, and other art forms are the basis for awesome enrichment activities from school parent groups.

  • Event Planning

    22 Easy Meal Ideas for Large Groups

    Feeding a crowd? You'll want to check our ideas, plus calculators for determining how much food you'll need to purchase and prepare.
  • Family Science Night

    New! Evites for STEM Night

    Planning a Family Science Night? Our new custom Evites make it easy to invite parents and get a real-time head count, which comes in pretty handy when it’s time to shop for supplies and refreshments!