• Fun Fundraising

    How To Do a PTO Duct Tape Fundraiser

    Everything you need to hold this fun and popular fundraiser: step-by-step video, detailed instructions and photos, and more.

  • It's Cool To Be Kind

    24 Awesome Ways To Encourage Being Kind at School

    Kindness is cool! And there are lots of easy ways to spread good vibes.

  • Leadership

    Your Toughest Leadership Challenges Tackled

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  • Have Some Fun!

    Ideas for Adult Social Events

    Have some fun with these parent group social events—just for grown-ups!

  • Bylaws/Nonprofit

    Complete Sample Bylaws

    Sample set of PTO bylaws covering a broad range of rules that PTOs typically include—and that we recommend.

  • Community Service

    Community Service Ideas for Middle School Students

    Community service for preteens and teens is becoming a requirement at many middle schools. Here’s how to make that volunteer time really mean something to your child.

  • School Events

    How To Get Sponsorships for Your School Events

    Company event sponsors can reduce your costs and help businesses raise their profile in the school community.